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By Richard
Just what I want it
September 7, 2022
I purchased this wallet looking for something slim and I wasn't disappointed. It's slim, it smells nice, it feels nice, the inner fabric has some sticky property that doesn't allow the cards to slide easily, and there are plenty of pockets. The only thing needed to make this thing perfect it could hold two cards to the left in two different, layered pockets instead of one.
By Gary
Roanoke, VA
A Great Wallet
August 12, 2022
I just purchased my second one. My previous one was working fine after 10 years and then our new puppy found it and modified it somewhat. I used the previous one every day. It was thin and light weight which is why I originally purchased it. If you like carrying a bunch of useless crap around this is not the wallet for you. If on the other hand you choose to carry only essential things around like a credit card, a debit cord, driver's license, medical insurance card, prescription card and a few other essentials then this wallet is a great choice!
Prossee above
Consfor me, none
By Bobby
July 23, 2022
Thin, stylish, holds lots of stuff!
By Ron
Kendallville Indiana
Second Big Skinny Wallet
March 3, 2022
I used my first wallet for many years. When it finally wore out I purchased the same one I was replacing. It is a great product.
By Thomas H.
Lyndhurst, NJ
My second Big Skinny wallet
September 3, 2021
I used the nylon compact sport wallet for about 10 years. When it was time for an update I chose the leather sport compact wallet. It looks great but the only flaw for me was because of the polished leather it has slipped out of my front pocket many times while driving. Fortunately I recovered it but it still brings thoughts of “oh no where’s my wallet”? Empty feeling. I may be switching back to a new nylon one really soon.
By Robert M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
My favorite wallet.
August 2, 2021
I keep my wallet in my front pocket and this one works great for that. It's a little stiff when new, but after it wears in with some use, it works great in my front pocket. This is my second one (of the same wallet). I used my previous one for about 5 years. The old one is still useable, but the lining inside where the bills go was starting to come apart.
By John A.
San Antonio, TX
Great wallet!
May 23, 2021
Have had a previous version of this wallet lasted 10 years and got a new one. Same quality and great slim profile. Great value!
By Michael
Lima, OH
Best Wallet Yet!
April 27, 2021
This is my favorite Big Skinny Wallet... It holds everything I need it to and then some... I have tried many wallets from the Big Skinny line up, all worth owning, however this one is my go to wallet...
ProsTons of space Disappears in pocket
By James
Handsome leather
February 27, 2021
Really is skinny when filled and holds a lot
ProsVery slim, holds a lot, nice leather
By Pam
Perfect Compact Wallet
November 12, 2020
Look no further. Just what my husband wanted. Fits in his back pocket perfectly.
2nd one
November 9, 2020
I love this wallet. The design is superb. I fit about 15 credit cards, 5 ID cards in it, and cash. I shopped around for a brand name but there is no way any of the competitor's wallet would close with all my stuff in them. The leather is real. Feels good in my hand.
By Joey K.
Augusta, Georgia
love it!
October 2, 2020
Love this wallet. So thin, durable, and still holds everything I need it to hold. Cards stay in even when held upside-down. Don't have to sit on a fat wallet anymore!
By Steve
Orinda, CA
The best wallet!
August 29, 2020
Like the thinness while being able to hold all that i need to carry.
By Ben
Kansas City, MO
Great wallet! Lives up to the hype.
August 18, 2020
I'm 100% pleased with my Big Skinny leather hybrid bi-fold wallet. I was tired of the thickness and weight of my previous wallet, a leather bi-fold in a standard size. My Big Skinny wallet holds the same nine cards plus my drivers license and feels like it's half the size of my previous wallet with no loss of functionality. My compliments to Big Skinny for designing the best men's wallet on the market.
By Matt M.
Lampasas, Texas
Happy Repeat Customer
June 29, 2020
Bought myself another Big Skinny wallet just because. My other one is still in good working condition even after seven years. Great product!
ProsThin and lasts.
ConsFor some reason the money I put in it tends to not stay in it. Maybe that?s my fault though.
By ken s.
Houston TX
Best Wallets ever
June 12, 2020
this is about my 4th big skinny wallet and I wouldn't use anything else.
Prosit's compact and that's important to me.
Consthere are none
By Yos
New York
Big skinny claim
December 12, 2019
I can truly say that their claim that their wallets are skinny and will last a long time are 100% correct. I bought one of their wallets over 10 years ago. The wallet has some real minor wear and tear, but that wear and tear is equivalent to a wear and tear you’d expect from other wallets after no more than 6 months. I can still turn my wallet over and shake it and the cards still stay in tact. That is amazing that after all these years it still functions as when I bought it. Do yourself a favor and try one out, you won’t be disappointed
ProsSkinny, stands the test of time, holds cards in place
ConsNot that I can think off
By Sean
Berkeley, CA
Great but a bit rigid
March 1, 2019
I love this wallet. Everything is just the right size and it slides right in to my pocket easily. The only downside is that this version with the leather is a bit rigid. That makes it hard to open the wallet to put money in or even see the money inside the wallet. I wish I'd gotten the all cloth version but I'm hoping the leather will soften up over time. Also, I have to fold over some receipts to fit in the money area because it is just the right size for cash bills but sometimes receipts are bigger than that. (A very minor issue that I'm just getting used to.) Otherwise, I absolutely love the wallet. It slender and has exactly the right amount of room for my cards and the clear window is great for my gym card which had a bar code on it. I just flash the wallet to the bar code reader without having to take the card out. I also like that it doesn't have RFID protection because I have a transit card which I like to use without taking it out of the wallet. Some other companies have that "protection" which, to me is a disadvantage.
ProsWell designed with exactly the right amount of space for what I carry. I like the window compartment for using bar code card without removing from wallet. Small. Slides right in to my pocket.
ConsThe leather version is a bit rigid making it hard to put bills in or see the bill denominations in the wallet. (It may soften over time.)
By Dan
Love it!
December 19, 2018
If it holds up, I will think it's the best wallet I've ever had. Small and skinny, but holds everything I need to carry. Perfect for front-pocket carry. Thanks!
By Sean
Nice Wallet!
October 24, 2018
This is my second big skinny wallet. The first one was the non leather compact sports wallet. It has lasted 8 years and still in good shape. I wanted the leather this time and I really like it. It appears quality made. It has all the space I need.
By Bonnie w.
Carmel Indiana
Men’s wallet
October 10, 2018
Very satisfied!
By TnT
Harahan, LA
Awesome buy!
June 8, 2018
I bought this product for my husband who hates a bulky wallet. He was really impressed by the leather styling, as we had had a cloth one previously. Big skinny products hold up very well with multiple usage. He had his previous wallet from many, many years. Looking forward to seeing how this one holds up. Will buy again!
ProsDurable Lots of card spaces
By James
Love this wallet
April 26, 2018
I bought mine 6 years ago and it still looks great now. I would buy it again if they made RFID version of this wallet.
ProsCompact holds what I need.
ConsNone maybe lack of RFID protection is all that I can think of.
By Sharrelle
New Zealand
The best
March 9, 2018
I have used a big skinny wallet for a while now and had a different style but broke the zip recently so decided on a new style I just love it, it holds what I need, stays small and comfortably fits in my front pocket, I will never use anything else, I have purchased several as gifts over the years and now have most of my family using big skinny too, the best find ever.
Merchant Response:Hi Sharrelle, Ahh that's so awesome to hear! Thank you for your review! We need to get to NZ again. Such a gorgeous country! PS all BigSkinny zippers are now reinforced so if you or a family member wanted to give one of the zippered wallets a go again just let us know :) Wishing you a wonderful day! BigSkinny
ProsSmall, skinny, holds plenty, fits in my front pocket, feels nice to hold.
By Curt
Great Wallet
January 13, 2018
Purchased one 3 or 4 years ago was finally starting to come apart , had to buy another one. It’s lasted longer than any wallet I’ve had !! Definitely worth the money !
By Joanna
It is what it is
January 9, 2018
As BSW does so well, this wallet definitely delivers on the thin profile promise. There is some limitation that comes along with that, as with it being intended to be thin, it also holds less than many other wallets, although the insert for more cards/IDs does expand the storage. Overall a great wallet! My fiancé always complained about his wallet hurting his butt/back when he would sit down because he likes to keep it in his back pocket. That was why I wanted to get him one of these. I've had a BSW for a long time and love that even though my wallet is the classic ladies envelope type, it stays slimmer than any others I've seen, while holding everything I want even change.
Merchant Response:Hi Joanna, Thank you for your review! Our Sport Wallet is our most minimalist wallet with very few pockets. Sounds like your fiancé may like to try our Classic Multi Pocket Bi-Fold that can carry up to 25 plastic cards cash & receipts. At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at service@bigskinny.com or 617.500.6939 and they'll be happy to work with you on finding a style that betters suits your needs. Thank you again for your review! Have a great day! BigSkinny
Prosvery slim profile, comfortable in pocket, nice smooth leather exterior, storage room for all the essentials
Consdoesn't hold quite as much as heftier wallets, if you like to keep a lot of membership cards, and business cards, receipts, etc. with you at all times, this may not be the wallet for you
By Deb
Louisville KY
Exactly What Was Needed
January 3, 2018
This purchase was a gift for a friend who loves it. He was amazed at how much it holds yet how thin it remains! I recommend Big Skinny to my friends.
By Ry
Logan, Utah
Misleading photos, but still like it so far
January 1, 2018
I haven’t had it for long, but I enjoy how thin it is. Materials are good. The only problem is the card slot is not a v-shaped cut like the pictures show. I called and asked about it and essentially got told that ‚€œthe pictures are outdated, whoops.” The problem is that without a v-shape or anything, the actual card slot almost completely covers the card so it’s kind of hard to get it out. I’m tempted to laser cut an oval slot in mine to help (like the one on the clear ID side).
Merchant Response:Hi Ry, Thank you for reminding us! Updating the photos is on our priority list of things to do for 2018! Happy New Year! BigSkinny
ConsHard to get card out
By dan l.
Very thin and very pocketable
May 22, 2017
I love this wallet. It looks great and folds very thin.
Prossuperbly slim, nothing falls out
Naples, FL
Great product
May 5, 2017
This is my second wallet. Great product. Exactly what I need. Extremely pleased.
By Dakota
Omaha, Nebraska
Virtually Indestructible!
February 16, 2017
I've tried everything I can think of to kill this wallet. I've washed it, I've dropped it in water, I've left it sitting under a 300 lb weight for hours on end. Nothing has phased this thing. I truly think that to destroy this wallet, you'd have deliberately try. I bought this wallet around 18 months ago for my personal use, and it doesn't show its age. I currently have 10 cards and a handful of bills in here, and its still thinner than most empty wallets I look at at the store. It's so light and thin, I'm constantly patting my pockets to see if I dropped it, but it's never fallen out of my pocket. After over a year of constant use, the leather shows minimal wear (an outline of cards, and small amounts of wear around the bend.) The seams are still strong, with only a slight amount of fraying in a few points. The ID window is still clear and legible, and even the vinyl siding around the billfold is intact. I've never had a wallet hold up like this. The only disadvantage to this wallet in my experience is the minimal amount of organization. There are only 4 pockets, and although they can each hold several cards (at least 5+ comfortably) sorting the cards can be difficult with so few slots. That being said. It was my decision to choose the sport wallet, and Big Skinny offers several other options with more pockets for you to choose from. What sums this up for me the best is that every male member of my family (4 of us altogether) carry a Big Skinny wallet. We each have one that suits our unique tastes best, but we always come back to Big Skinny.
Merchant Response:Hi Dakota! Thank you for the awesome review!! Have a great weekend! Love, Big Skinny
By Ralph
New York
Great wallet
August 1, 2016
This is my 2nd wallet. I have one in brown and decided to get one in black also so I can switch thing sup. Very happy with the quality.
ProsPerfect size and excellent quality
By Derek
Chevy Chase, MD
Pretty good. Almost perfect.
June 11, 2016
It's a great sport wallet, but not quite perfect. It could benefit from an additional credit card pocket and being just a shade shorter.
Merchant Response:Hi Derek, Thank you for your review! You may like our Leather Multi-Pocket wallet- it's only slightly large than the Sport Wallet model and has extra card pockets for you. We want every customer to be thrilled with their purchase! At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at 1.888.844.6925 or email bigskinny@customerstatus.com and they will be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Kindest regards, Big Skinny
ProsThin Simple
ConsOnly one credit card pocket
By Brad
Omaha, Nebraska.
Awesome wallet
March 18, 2016
It's very light and thin, barely even know it's in your pocket! I searched a lot of different wallets online to find a quality thin bi-fold with enough space, and this is exactly that wallet.
ProsLightweight, thin, leather outside, clear section for ID.
ConsOnly one card slot opposite the ID. Which isn't that bad you can just put another card behind the first one.
By Curtis M.
Detroit, Michigan
Thin but solid feeling
February 25, 2016
I already had a thin wallet, but accidentally put it through the wash. It didn't feel the same after that. I found this wallet and figured it to be fairly similar. This is actually far thinner, and felt more durable inside and out. I often have to check I have it since I can't feel it. I'm very happy with the purchase. It has the perfect number of slots for holding my daily cards.
ProsThin Solid feel
ConsLimited slots
By Gary V.
White Plains, NY
This wallet is awesome
February 24, 2016
This wallet really is much thinner than a traditional wallet. The leather is real and very soft. There are plenty of compartments for your credit cards, and other important cards. Cannot believe it was only $24.95
By Oskar
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Truly a skinny wallet
February 3, 2016
I looked long and hard for a thin wallet to replace my old one. This is it. I can easily fit 6 credit cards and about 8-10 id cards as well as bills without the wallet getting bulky. I would highly recommend this wallet.
ProsIt is perfect. The fact that the inside is not leather helps keep it skinny
By Brian B.
Riverside, CA
1/2 as thick
February 3, 2016
I love this wallet. Holding all the same cards it is 1/2 as thick as my old wallet -no exaggeration. I will definitely buy it again.
ProsSlim Durable Adequate room for cards/licences
ConsCash not included
By Ken
Awesome quality, super slim
February 2, 2016
I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the wallet and the slim-ness!
Proshigh quality slim
By Emily
United States
my husband loves this wallet
February 2, 2016
I bought this wallet for my husband and he loves it. It's slim but holds alot of stuff for the size. My husband loved it so much we bought a few for Christmas gifts this year.
ProsSlim but holds alot Good price
By mike a.
February 2, 2016
doesnt bother my back, sometimes i have no idea it is even in my pocket
By Ann
South Bend, IN
Great product
February 1, 2016
Very pleased with wallet. Everything is easily accessible and is a good fit for a back pocket.
By Rogers T.
United States
Amazing Wallet
November 21, 2015
This wallet is EXACTLY what I have wanted for a long time. It is truly ghin, and its quality is just as advertised. I will be a long term customer. I like that even when holding bills and 5 cc"s its no thicker than when empty. I love it!
By Jason
United States
Good stuff
November 10, 2015
Really like it. Flat but holds everything I need.
ConsWish the logo wasn't on it. I understand why it is, but wish it had a cleaner look. Otherwise it's great.
By James M.
United States
Leather wallet
October 22, 2015
A lot thicker than the nylon skinny wallet, but much better in hiding cars inside. My previous wallet allowed many of my cards tho slide our of the pockets.
ProsNice leather finish
By Mike
Metro Detroit, Michigan
Great Wallet, but I am picky
October 22, 2015
This is my second wallet of the same model. I liked (and used) the first one so much that it was starting to degrade - no fault of the product, I just used it a lot: many years. My only complaint is it is not as exactly as pictured (or as my previous wallet). The main credit card slot is not V-shaped as pictured, it is straight across. The slot itself is just slightly smaller than a normal credit card which makes it more difficult to quickly grab the credit card. It's not a deal-breaker and I still use it, but can get a little annoying at time. Ultimately still a great THIN wallet, still love it and would totally recommend to anyone.
By Rick
Great Skinny Wallet
September 18, 2015
I love this wallet. It is my second Big Skinny but my first Leather version. I love that the corners are slightly rounded on this model. The leather upgrade is worth every penny. I lost my last Big Skinny Wallet and this one is thinner full than my interim standard wallet is empty.
By Jan
The Villages, FL
September 16, 2015
I returned this wallet, not the one my husband wanted. He wanted the Bi-Fold, but with more slots. When I checked on line the one he wanted only came in black and it was on sale--like you are discontinuing it. I returned this product and did not order the one he wanted because it did not come in brown.
Merchant Response:Hi Jan, Thank you for letting us know! We now have a ton more Leather Sport Brown in stock ready to go! At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at bigskinny@customerstatus.com or via telephone at 1.888.844.6925 & they'll be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Have a great day! Big Skinny
By Ruth
Sturbridge, MA
Perfect wallet for a young teen!
September 1, 2015
I bought this wallet for my 14 year old grandson. It is the perfect size for him, but still has the luxurious feel of leather. He was very pleased!
By Brian
Edmonton, Alberta
Great Quality
August 6, 2015
I ordered this wallet in 2010 and have used it daily for more than 5 years. One of the inside seams is coming apart, but the leather still looks like new, and minus that seam the rest of the wallet still looks great. I was 100% satisfied with the thinness and the lightness of the wallet and I'm back here to spend another $25 to last me into 2020.

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