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By Paul Cipa
Somerset, PA
May 28, 2019
Does the Job!
I used to carry two wallets...mainly because I carried business cards and other cards that I didn't use often in one and all the other cards and money in the other. A family member told me about Big Skinny. Tried it and love it...everything fits in one place!
By Raymond Jaenicke
Bradenton Fl
May 13, 2019
Great wallet concept
Had the fabric model, thought it was great, like this leather wallet even better.
By Cory
Richmond, VA
April 3, 2019
Game Changer!
Had many wallets over the years - and the more cards and stuff I accumulated the thicker it got. Got so bad I couldn’t even sit on it... I had to lay it on the table when I’d go out. Then I found the Big Skinny. I could not only fit everything I used to have in my wallet but even MORE cards, etc and its awesome design allowed for flexing to where I couldn’t even tell I had my wallet in my back pocket! Highly recommend!
By Paul Sponsel
March 30, 2019
Best wallet ever
By far the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Perfect for carrying everything.
By Jim
Homer Glen, Illinois
February 13, 2019
Big Skinny Wallet
It took longer than expected to arrive (given Amazon's habit of next day arrivals on most things - this wallet was not purchased through Amazon however...) but after having it for only a couple of weeks, it is most enjoyable to carry around. I hardly know it is in my back pocket and have to check more than a few times a day to make sure I didn't leave it somewhere. It's a pleasure to have this wallet!
ProsNo lump in my back pocket when sitting down - hardly know it's there.
ConsReduced the number of items I used to carry and only carry needed credit card, insurance cards, driver's license, etc.
By Scott
Muncie, Indiana
January 24, 2019
thinned down
This thinned my wallet down a ton. This purchase was my second, I bought the same wallet as I did the first time. I liked it enough that I bought one for my son in-law his bill fold was about 4" thick, afterward he could put his wallet in his rear pocket. All is that my first one the leather wore out a little quicker than I thought it should.
ProsTremendous amount thinned
Consleather needs to be a little better quality
By Gordon
Port Orchard
December 23, 2018
Love this wallet
This is the second one I have bought. I bought this at a street market in Seattle almost ten years ago. Simply a great product and fit with no discomfort when sitting down, anywhere. Thanks for a great great product!
By Eddie
November 22, 2018
Try fold wallet
This is my second wallet and I'm very happy with your product. It has lots of compartments for my cards and I'd. I will recommend to all my friends and family. Thanks
ProsLots of compartments.
By Kurt
So. Cal.
October 2, 2018
Best wallet ever
I recently bought a “regular” thin wallet to replace a Big Skinny I’d used for years. I decided in a couple of hours that I’d made a mistake, and ordered a new Big Skinny. That “thin” wallet just felt like a brick! I’m sold on Big Skinny!
By Lee
August 4, 2018
Holds a bunch
I've never had a wallet that could hold so much yet be so slim. It's my second one. I'm glad I was able to get it online. The last one I got was at the International Motorcycle Show in Cleveland some years back.
ProsHigh capacity and still thin.
By Gary DeMarco
Shelbyville, Kentucky
July 31, 2018
Great Wallet
This is my 2nd BigSkinny wallet, I love this wallet, fits well into my back packet and takes away all the bulk other wallets have caused, I have told all my family and friends about this, and I will never go back to an ordinary wallet again. You have an amazing product, keep.up the great work.
By John
July 25, 2018
Bi-Fold Wallet
I had one before this one even nicer.
ProsWas able to maintain the slimness of the wallet while storing $150.00 and 22 credit cards as well as several receipts and picture.
ConsCan't think of any.
By Nick
Mandeville la.
June 12, 2018
Skinny and slick,
I don’t care for the way the bill section is not the full length of the wallet. It takes a little doing to get your money in flat, and that causes a back up at the checkout line. It’s a little pricey but other than that nice. I also like how it conforms to the butt easily .
By Bill L
May 28, 2018
5 years and still using
I purchased one 5 years ago and it is going strong. This purchase was for a friend and he is loving the wallet.
ProsIt is skinny, it is durable, it looks good!
By John
May 22, 2018
Great wallet
This is my second one had the first tor over five years like the look of the of the same model in leather great buy
Prosfits all my cards
Altoona, PA
February 19, 2018
I like it a lot.
Big improvement over my fat old wallet that stuff always fell out of.
Merchant Response:Hi AS, Thank you for your feedback! We will take your dimension suggestions into consideration. Wishing you a wonderful day! :) BigSkinny
ProsNice to carry in pocket.
ConsDollar space is a little tight. You will never fit more than a couple hundred bucks in it. I wouldn't mind if that dimension was a 1/4 inch longer.
By Phil
Cleveland, Ohio
February 9, 2018
Nice wallet, but what's with the silly elastic pocket?
I like the size and layout of this wallet, and love the thinness of it. But I don't understand the point of the elastic pocket. I have the previous version of this wallet, in nylon, and it has 3 identical non-elastic pockets. It was starting to wear out, so I decided to upgrade to the leather version (mostly because the sewn-on logo made a wear mark on some of my pants). Unfortunately it looks like I'm stuck with the elastic pocket unless they bring back a version without it.
Merchant Response:Hi Phil, Thank you for your feedback! The elastic pocket on the end allows you to fit many more cards into the Super Skinny model. We will look into bringing back the old style though :) Kind regards, BigSkinny
ProsLarge capacity while remaining thin
ConsSilly elastic pocket
By Dave
Cranston, RI
January 31, 2018
Quality product
This is the second Big Skinny wallet I have bought. It is well made and holds a ton of cards while still folding flat. The 4 pockets allows you to organize your cards better than a traditional bifold wallet.
By Charles A Bates (Tony)
January 18, 2018
Great Wallet !
Great wallet ! This is my second one . Thanks, Tony
By Shane Stock
Laredo, TX
December 30, 2017
I kind of liked the size of my old big skinny wallet better. But I like that this one is leather, whereas the last one was cloth.
ProsIt is skinny
ConsIt is a little too big
By Jim
December 24, 2017
Hip Big Skinny Wallets
Skinny comfortable The antithesis of a Costanza Wallet. Buy one try it, enjoy.
By David Mason
Santee, California
December 18, 2017
Benable Wallet
I always wear thru my back pocket with the stiff bulky wallets and this one allows it to bend when I sit whereby not wearing out my pocket. Very pleased with the way the credit cards and bills fit and overall quality of this product. I still have my last wallet and it was over three years old so I am a return customer.
ProsCredit card fit and flexibilty, plus the smooth leather exterior.
ConsSorry, I don't have any.
By Diane
Troy, NY
November 28, 2017
Hubby loves it!
Bought one for my husband's birthday. He shows it off and raves about it's design often. No bulk. Good for all pockets. Sturdy, but not stiff. He had his doubts when he first saw it, but it fits everything his old wallet did. He is officially a convert.
By Lee
Richmond, va.
November 24, 2017
I replaced my old one as the cards keep falling out
This new on has an elastic card holder on the one side which I really like and holds the cards perfectly.
ProsI love the thinness and skinniness. If fits in my pocket with out the bulge.
By Mike R Ohio
Cincinnati, Ohio
November 16, 2017
Even better than first Big Skinny
2nd Big Skinny I purchased. After many years, first one finally wore out. Went with Brown Leather Hybrid this time. This one same capacity and no bulk when in back pocket. Actually seems even more skinny. Can't imagine ever buying any other wallet.
By michelle
November 6, 2017
5 years and still in use
Bought this 5 years ago for my son as his wallet was literally falling apart and he doesn't like bulk. Well it is still going strong!
Pros- light - durable - soft
By Derrick Meacham
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 30, 2017
Best wallet ever!
I am a person who hates sitting on a wallet. This wallet eliminates that. It is just wide enough that you can feel it in your pocket, but slim enough you don’t feel it when you sit down. The first one I received as a gift the bout 2 more over time because I want to make sure I have an extra if they ever get discontinued.
ProsIt is just wide enough that you can feel it in your pocket, but slim enough you don’t feel it when you sit down.
ConsThe only down side to this wallet is that if you put it in your pocket upside down occasionally one credit card will fall out, but it is always in the fold of the wallet and doesn’t fall out when opened.
By David
September 22, 2017
The way all wallets should be made
This is my third Big Skinny; I still have one of the originals from when the company started. Durability without bulk is a big plus and my current wallet will probably outlast me.
ProsLightweight, thin, wears like iron. Slots are horizontal (cards don't fall out).
By Patrick
Lake Charles, LA
September 7, 2017
A Step Backwards
By changing on of the nylon card pockets with an elastic stretch pocket is a step backwards. The pocket is smaller and will easily stretch out and permanently deform. Very disappointed in the design change. I hope that in the future, the consumer has a choice in the design preference.
Merchant Response:Hi Patrick, Thank you for your feedback. We've had many customers say they love the new elastic end-pocket because it can easily expand to fit even more cards. That being said if you do run into trouble with the pocket stretching out permanently please let us know and we will send out a replacement immediately. Have a wonderful day! BigSkinny
ConsOne small elastic stretch card pocket will not last long before stretching out permanently.
By shane kudela
athens, ga
July 12, 2017
Losing cards
The fit is great but after a 6 months the pockets get loose and everything goes flying each time I remove the wallet.
Merchant Response:HI shane, Thank you for your feedback! We recommend the SuperSkinny model for our customers carrying upward of 35 plastic cards, cash & receipts. Sounds like you may want to try one of our regular or smaller models like the classic Multi Pocket Bi-Fold, Curve Front Pocket Bi-Fold, or our Classic Tri-Fold for a tighter fit. At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at service@bigskinny.com or 617.500.6939 and they'll be happy to work with you on finding a style that betters suits your needs. Thank you again for your review- Have a great day! -BigSkinny
ProsSlim design while holding many cards.
ConsThe fit is great but after a 6 months the pockets get loose and everything goes flying each time I remove the wallet. Expensive.
By Brittany
July 2, 2017
The perfect wallet!
My husband who hates carrying a wallet will finally carry this one!
By crt
Monroe, NY
May 11, 2017
Great Product; Lousy Service
I love the wallet--it does everything I need it for. However, the service (or lack of service): I ordered the wallet early one morning. It did not ship until late the next day. But, it shipped by Fedex "Smartpost" from a location only a few short hours from my home. However it took Fedex 4 full days to deliver it to my Post Office, and an additional day for the Post Office to deliver it to me. WTF? Does "Smartpost" delay delivery so that it does not compete with normal Fedex service?
Merchant Response:Hi crt, Thank you for your feedback! We will review our shipping options and keep you updated. Kind regards, Big Skinny
ProsHolds as much as you need and stays thin. Excellent!
ConsDon't choose Fedex "Smartpost" for your delivery.
By William Swarts
15 Ozark Spring Lane Asheville, NC 28805
May 6, 2017
Three comment concerning this model wallet
Dear Big Skinny, I’m mostly satisfied with my Big Skinny wallet, but I do have s couple of comments: 1) the “secret pocket” is not wide enough to easily take out credit or similar-sized cards. The top edges of the pocket lap over the corner of the card, making it a struggle to remove. 2) I have a leather card and now that the inside of the wallet has become smooth with use, cards slip out of the pocket and then fall out of the wallet so there is a risk of loss of the card. I rather have the cloth model. 3) I do like the elastic pocket and, when I was shopping your site, hoped to find an elasticized cloth model, which I would have preferred to buy rather than the leather one. William Swarts
Merchant Response:Hi William, Thank you for your feedback! The Super Skinny model is made for people carrying upward of 35-40 plastic cards. The pockets need at least 3 - 5 cards in each slot to prevent the cards from falling out (we also include a non-slip grip on the interior of each card pocket). Sounds like you may want to try one of our smaller wallets? We want all of our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase! At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at service@bigskinny.com or 617.500.6939 and they will be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Have a wonderful weekend! BigSkinny
By John Hefley
Georgia, Vermont
May 5, 2017
Life changing
Having avoided for years carrying my old, crappy, brick of a wallet in my back pocket, I started wondering if I needed to carry a purse!!!! The old wallet finally started to get pretty shabby, forcing me to search for a new wallet - and a solution. The Big Skinny Leather Hybrid Super Skinny Bifold seemed to be the correct choice. And boy, what a GREAT choice it was!!!! Life Changing. Carrying my old wallet in my back pocket guaranteed back and (mostly) hip pain. I don't even notice my new Leather Super Skinny Leather Hybrid in my pocket, even though I still carry the fat stack of plastic cards and other stuff that created the "brick effect" of my old wallet. I frequently pull it out to show it off to friends and co-workers. Great product.
ProsPerfect design. Awesomely, unbelievably thin when new. Still incredibly thin when it's stuffed.
Chicago area
May 5, 2017
My 3rd Big Skinny
Another nice wallet - my third. Well made with high grade materials.
By Bill
Orlando FL
May 5, 2017
Best wallet I ever had
Sometimes I don't even realize it's in my pocket. Isn't that what we want in a wallet?
By Jim
Virginia Beach, VA
May 5, 2017
Can't get skinnier than this wallet
Due to the size, your credit cards don't have to overlap, so this thing is super slim even with several cards.
ProsI really like the elastic pocket for your frequently used cards, good design! Another neat feature is a pocket next to your folding money area. Perfect for door scan cards, toothpicks and other items. As the card pockets are facing into the fold, there is no way a card will fly out of the wallet if you drop it. Which has happened to me several times with my last small format wallet. Much more secure.
ConsThis is a large wallet length/width-wize. But it's so thin, this is less of a factor, for me at least. Warning, this is one horrible smelling wallet when you get it out of the shipping box. I mean a chemical nightmare kind of smell. I figure it would go away after awhile, and it did.
By David
April 27, 2017
Great Wallet
I bought this wallet well over a year ago. It still looks as good as the day I got it. It holds all my cards, id (17 in all) with no problem. I was not sure how well it would last as it does look flimsy, but I'm a believer. I will buy another if this one ever wears out. My sciatic nerve is liking the lack of a big lump on my rear! You can't go wrong with this wallet.
ProsThe elastic pocket for credit cards Well made (stitching is strong) So thin!
ConsNone that I have found
By Ken Newman
Los Angeles, CA
January 16, 2017
The best wallet I've ever had
I like to carry LOTS of credit cards with me everywhere, plus insurance and registration cards and membership cards. Well, my old wallet was just this super thick pain in the butt (literally!) but when I got this wallet, it changed my life! Now I can have all those cards and plenty of cash with me all the time, and it's NOT uncomfortable to sit on!! Yipeeee!!
ProsLOTS of room for cards and stuff!
ConsI now carry LOTS of cards and stuff! Ha!
By James Wakefield
NW Wisconsin
December 8, 2016
I have been using this wallet for 9 months now. I love it. It still looks like new. It's so flat I can hardly feel it in my pocket. This is what I needed. Thank You
ProsFlat, thin
By Chris
September 10, 2016
Have really enjoyed this wallet but seems pretty optimistic on measurements!
I have owned this leather wallet for a while and I really like it. It has held a bunch of cards well and the leather is a nice touch. However now I am back on the site looking for something a little more compact. While I like the layout of this wallet, I am a front pocket wearer and this wallet can sometimes give me a pretty big "square" on my pocket for example with wool pants. Its LxW isn't small. Which brings me to my complaint....the website lists this as 5 1/8 X 3 5/8. I'm not seeing that on my wallet. I agree the 5 1/8, however my wallet is basically 4" wide. Maybe 3 15/16. No way it is 3 5/8. Looking at the pictures on the website it appears to be exactly the same as my version (although the new one has that elastic pouch on the far left instead of a normal pocket). I don't see how this can really be 3 5/8. As I am looking for something smaller but will still hold a fair amount of cards, I'm now questioning how accurate the quoted measurements are on the other ones I'm looking at (Leather Hybrid Bi-Fold, Leather Metro Bi-Fold, Leather Hybrid Sport Wallet).
Merchant Response:Hi Chris, Thank you for your feedback! We will look into the measurements on the site. Thank you for calling our attention to this. Have a great day! Big Skinny
ProsNice leather Holds lots of cards Has held up well over time
ConsWebsite stated measurements seem unrealistically small Footprint is a little large for me
By Alan
Sherwood, OR
July 17, 2016
Love the new bi-fold
I just bought the leather hybrid bi-fold and I can't believe how skinny it is even though I am carrying more than before!
ProsDefinitely skinny and i like having a category compartment for each of my cards: credit, health cards, store cards, debit...
ConsIf you have more than two cards in a compartment, you have to search a bit to get the right one that you want...
By William Kramer
July 7, 2016
Big and Skinny
One my third one now ! they last year's. No more back pain from thick wallest.
By harry
central connecticut
June 6, 2016
thick to thin
i bought this wallet at the big e after they showed me i could cut the thickness in half. When it was starting to wear 5 years later it was a no brainer to buy another one.
By Patrick D
June 2, 2016
I Have Older Model
I purchased this model about 3 years ago and have not been unable to use the pocket to the very left because credit cards fall out when opening the Wallet. I now see that Big Skinny has made that pocket from an elastic material to keep the cards in place. A big improvement, but I still have a wallet where I can only use 2 pockets!
Merchant Response:Hi Patrick, Thank you for letting us know! We want every customer to be thrilled with their purchase! At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at 1.888.844.6925 or email bigskinny@customerstatus.com and they will be happy to facilitate an exchange for you. Kindest regards, Big Skinny
By Jeff
St Louis, MO
May 29, 2016
Half the thickness, but holds just as much.
By Joe
West Boylston Ma
May 21, 2016
Great wallet
This is my second big skinny this model. My first one lasted 8 years. This is roughly twice as long as other wallets that I've used this is a great product that I reccomend to friends.
ProsEven stuffed is less than half the thickness of other wallets.
By Stephen
April 28, 2016
Still needs some work
Very comfortable
ProsLots of space
ConsToo hard to put money in or out. The pocket isn't long enough. Stuff always falling out of elastic pocket.
By Mark
April 9, 2016
the perfect happy medium
Specifics first: this will comfortably fit 15 US currency bills and 14 charge cards/professional cards/insurance cards in the back pocket of a pair of Levi Mens 514's. Finally! A wallet that fits a crap-ton of ID and a bunch of cash into the back pocket of a pair of skinnies (or close to it) without inducing sciatica. I mean seriously; do people actually go out without plenty of cash and proof of medical and dental insurance? Especially for "a night out"?
ProsCarries everything you need in the back pocket of jeans. I mean EVERYTHING. (I am massively gear queer and never travel light.)
ConsWon't fit foreign currency or a passport; that's what the Hipster or the World are for. Not RFID blocking; we can only hope one is in the pipeline. No separate liner for receipts, if that's a concern.
By Floyd B Russak MD
Denver, Colorado
March 20, 2016
Feels like no wallet in my back pocket
I bought this from the inventor at a street fair on a vacation visit to NYC about 5 years ago. I have 30 cards in it and its so comfortable in my back pocket, I forget its there. I usually wear out a wallet in 1-2 years, but this one has one card pocket that is just starting to get loose after having it in my back pocket every day for the last 5 years. I'm happy to pay for another, since it has lasted that long.
ProsThe unique quadrifold design allows it to bend with your anatomy and makes it less than 1/2 as thick as any other wallet. Nylon interior holds cards in place. I like the window pocket with hole for easy removal for my driver's license.
ConsCards start to fall out easily after a few years.

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