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82% (86)
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96% Recommend this product (101 of 105 responses)
Cape Cod, MA
Best Wallet Ever
November 11, 2022
I can't remember a purchase that exceed all of my expectations. This wallet is fantastic!
ProsThin, great material and the perfect number of pockets.
By Mark W.
Houston, TX
Great product
September 15, 2022
Durable, thin, lightweight, ample pockets, good construction. Love it!!
By Judy
Good for travel
September 10, 2022
I ordered the RFID Blocking Bi-fold for my husband and he is very pleased with this product. We traveled overseas recently and the bifold worked well, streamlined all the essential cards while staying compact. He has another skinny wallet he's been using everyday that has held up well and this new one was another good choice to meet travel needs.
By Paul
Dayton, Ohio
August 26, 2022
I’ve owned a BigSkinney wallet for a number of years. It has worked well and is still in good condition. I did decide to purchase a new wallet primarily because of the RF ID feature. Also small size. I assume it should work out well for the next number of years. Many thanks.
ProsGreat features and reasonably priced.
By Jason
Lexington, SC
Best Wallet Out There
July 21, 2022
My old BigSkinny wallet finally started to show it's age and some wear and tear. I absolutely loved that wallet and hated to replace it. Thankfully, BigSkinny offers the same style. This time I ordered the RFID Blocking version, and I couldn't be happier with the quality. I honestly think this is higher quality than my old wallet. I absolutely love this thing. I tend to carry a "George Costanza"-ish amount of stuff in my wallet, but you'd never know it with this. Great quality and amazing design. I'll never buy a wallet anywhere else.
ProsHigh quality, lots of storage, smart design
By Thomas
Excellent Bi-Fold
June 4, 2022
This is a great wallet. Folds very flat and it feels good in your hands and in your back pocket. Highly recommended for purchase.
By Gus
Hot Springs, AR
Feel safe with blocking technology
May 17, 2022
My first Big Skinny was over 20 years old and still useable. It was made of fabric and I wanted something that would keep my credit cards information away from the thieves and still hold my stuff in a slim package. I think I found it with this new wallet.
By John
Southwtest Pennsylvania
Came back to Big Skinny
December 9, 2021
This is the second Big Skinny wallet I have owned. My old one was many years old and just didn't look good anymore. The function was still good but I bought a different wallet ( leather ) just for the appearance. I used the leather wallet for two days and decided I had made a mistake. I immediately ordered a new Big Skinny. I am quite happy with it!!!!
ProsSo less bulky in my pocket. ( I carry my wallet in a front pants pocket --- not a hip pocket. )
By Steve M.
Orting, Washington
Big Skinny Wallet
September 6, 2021
Today, I purchased my second Big Skinny wallet. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the first Big Skinny wallet except I wanted to update to a RFID wallet. The reason I bought my first wallet was that I belong to a bag pipe band and there are no pockets in a kilt. The only storage you have is in the sporran and after you put your flask in it there is no room for a big, fat, bulky wallet. The Big Skinny wallet fits just fine, even when full of credit cards, drivers license, business cards and most important, money. I would recommend anyone who wears a kilt too get a Big Skinny wallet. I don't believe you will regret it. I also use it when I am in street clothes and keep the wallet in a front pocket, you don't even know it's there and is not accessible to some one lifting it from you. Steve McDonald, Piper Washington State
ProsThin Holds a lot Comfortable in any pocket
By Randy J.
RFID Blocking Bi-fold
August 23, 2021
About seven years ago I purchased a regular bi-fold. I liked it better than any wallet I have ever owned. It was still in serviceable shape but I wanted the RFID protection. The new one is just as "skinny" and I really like it. Highly recommended to everyone.
ProsVery slim and is as advertised.
ConsNothing negative can be said.
By Plumber m.
Westminster sc
Perfect wallet
January 24, 2021
Big skinny is the perfect wallet to reduce the bulky old wallet I had My wallet went fron 3" to 1/2" and you can definitely feel the difference when sitting on it like it's not even there. Still have to make sure its there and didn't forget it Supper light weight
ProsSuper lite weight
By Big F.
Olympia, WA
January 21, 2021
Thin perfection. Love, love, love it.
By G.
Metairie, LA
Great wallet
January 3, 2021
This is my second purchase of this wallet. First one lasted for years!!
By don
nice wallet
December 22, 2020
this is my third big skinny wallet. i went for a bi-fold this time instead of the tri-fold -- still thin, and it has nice options for organizing stuff.
Prosit's nice and thin.
Consthe fold is very flexible so it doesn't always stay rectangular.
By Gregor N.
Western Australia
Yep - happy chappy
March 18, 2020
A not bulky RFID blocking wallet - prefect for travelling. I was hoping to find an RFID Blocking Big Skinny, similar the L-Shaped wallet, but this works just as well :)
Merchant Response:Dear Gregor, Thank you for your kind review! We now have an RFID Blocking L-Shape available in leather if you are interested :) and hope to have full-nylon one out soon. Thank you again, BigSkinny
ProsBlocks RFID without the bulk
ConsL Shaped RFID blocking would be better ... well, me thinks
By Gary
Saint Louis, MO
Big Skinny RFID wallet
January 11, 2020
I have been using the Big Skinny regular nylon wallet for years, and my son-in-law got one because he was impressed how thin it was. The new Big Skinny RFID nylon wallet is a little stiffer than the regular nylon wallet, but that is the only difference, but I am sure it will soften and conform to what is inside, just as my old wallet did. If it block crooks from reading my credit cards, then that is the most important thing.
Love it!
December 26, 2019
My husband loves this Bi-fold! It replaced one he bought years ago. It's flat and he likes that it's not bulky when he sits down. It also holds everything he needs. Love that it's RFID.
ProsBig enough to hold everything but still thin and flexible
By Joe
Germantown, MD
A Compact Safe in My Pocket
December 25, 2019
This wallet is sleek and slick, keep my money and cards together with a minimum of bulk while at the same time blocking electronic intrusion into my credit file. Well constructed, compact, and safe to carry while traveling without fear of getting my electronic info skimmed. Thanks, Big Skinny, for an excellent, affordable wallet! I wouldn't carry any other style.
By Geenie
Great product
November 20, 2019
I bought this for my husband who had a bulging wallet. He really likes it and has been able to fit everything in this new wallet. Plus he loves the fact that the whole wallet is RFID! Thank you for a great product!
By Chas
Cottonwood, AZ
Great Wallet
June 29, 2019
MY 3RD ONE ... i ABSOLUTELY love MY NEW Wallet.
By Cheryl
Flagstaff, AZ
Great wallet
June 25, 2019
As always, Big Skinny does not disappoint with this new model that is RFID. It’s essential to protect your identity and credit cards and this skinny wallet does the trick!
By Frank M.
RFID Blocking Bi-fold
June 8, 2019
Quality product, as described, I have no proof of the RFD protection as of yet. If RFD protection comes true , the item is a 5*.
By Vincent R.
New Haven, C.T.
June 6, 2019
I purchased my first wallet from this company years ago a few months after their inception. I had that wallet for seven to eight years of hard usage. I just purchased this RFID wallet which a huge upgrade. I'm sure this wallet will last me the same amount of time or more. This company makes incredible wallets that last!!!!
ProsEverything!!! Don't overstuff the wallet, anything can be overstuffed. I have multiple credit cards, I.D.'s, store cards and insurance cards in my wallet and they all fit perfectly!
ConsThere are none honestly!
By Andy
Albany, NY
Great product, now with RFID Protection!
May 15, 2019
Bought to replace a non-RFID version. Awesome!! Only quibble is big fat "Big Skinny" label, which I had to remove.
By Gerry
Not Bad
April 25, 2019
The wallet is reasonable. It's perhaps unfair as it is replacing what has been the "perfect" wallet for me, which is not produced any more (I bought 3 when I started, but I should have bought 10 as Eagle Creek abandoned it). It seems to be the best replacement so far. It is thin as advertised. I join other reviewers I've seen in saying that the logo is completely obnoxious and out of keeping with "thin". If I could take it out without ruining the wallet, I would. The wallet does not fold "straight".......it is slightly offset to one side, likely the result of the cards within it....however, I've not had that issue with other wallets. The biggest operational issue I have had is with the ridiculous separator in the bill compartment. It serves no purpose and in fact is negative in that it makes it MUCH more difficult to put bills in there without crimping the edges. I suppose it is for separating large bills from small, but anyone who is focused on "thin" likely only carries 100's and 20's so it's trivial to put the 100's in the front and the 20's in the back, which I've done for decades. As with the logo, if I could take out that separator without ruining the wallet, I would. I wear the wallet in my front pocket..........it so far has not conformed well to that purpose, with the "edges" remaining pronounced which makes it less comfortable to wear than the previous wallet design (curse you, Eagle Creek, for discontinuing it). Two of my issues are trivially fixable by Big Skinny: logo and separator. The remaining ones are just going to be the "facts of life" with this wallet.
ProsThin Holds a very reasonable number of cards
ConsObnoxious logo Useless bill separator Cost
By Barry K.
Mashpee MA
As slim as as roomy as advertised.
April 11, 2019
I replaced my standard wallet with this wallet and was able to fit everything that was in the former in the latter at about half the thickness, with room to add additional itemseasily.
ProsThin, RFID protected, roomy
By kevin j.
red deer alberta
Best wallet ever!
March 19, 2019
I highly recommend everyone to buy one !
By Tom
Madrid, Spain
Thin Wallet
February 10, 2019
Hi! I purchased your wallet about a month ago, after searching for one that met my expectations. And...voila!, yours got my attention, and to tell you the truth you've hit the point! It's really thinned my (otherwise) bulky, space-for-my-wallet place. It's incredible thinness, RFID protection, and toughness have really won my heart! Thanks, BigSkinny! Tom
By EdG
Long Island
Surprisingly good
November 9, 2018
I’ve used leather wallets for decades; I don’t know how many overall. The last one fell apart, and some years ago friends had shown me their Bigskinny wallets (yes, both I was with at the time had one), so I bought one. Upon receipt, I compared the thickness of both old and new, empty. Didn’t seem like such a big difference. Once loaded up, with about 10 cards and cash, the difference was, somehow, more impressive. So far, I’m quite pleased with this wallet. I’d prefer the fat logo on the front be gone, but I haven’t yet come near the point when I would risk the wallet to try to cut it off. Highly recommended.
ConsGet rid of the obvious (and THICK) logo
By Steve M.
Mason, OH
Excellent and Thin Wallet
August 10, 2018
I've had several Big Skinny wallets - in a variety of colors in both leather and regular. They are the thinnest wallets and work very well. I haven't gone back to a regular wallet since buying my first Big Skinny. My recent purchase was an RFID blocking mens' wallet. Again, it works well for me and I appreciate having the RFID protection.
ProsHolds all the credit cards and cash I would ever carry. Thinnest wallet I've ever seen
By Martin
San Diego CA
Great Wallet
August 7, 2018
This is the third Big Skinny RFID blocking wallet I have purchased. Good product, stands up well and looks good.
By Al F.
Love this wallet
May 25, 2018
I like the versatillity and features of this wallet. My first one wore out so I had my wife order me another one.
By David A.
San Antonio, TX
Too thin? Nah!
May 10, 2018
I have had this wallet for over 4 years, and it is a miracle of thinness. Something peculiar started happening after about 2 years. I pulled my credit card out of the top pocket and it was cracked at the magnetic strip. I replaced the card, and a few months later the new card was cracked too. Then the cards I use less frequently in the top slot on the other side started cracking at the magnetic strip too. I finally realized that the wallet was so thin that my backside was putting enough pressure on the most vulnerable exposed part of the cards to crack them. I did not want to give up on this wallet. I turned the offending cards upside down so that the magnetic strip was no longer at the top of the wallet. With the magnetic strip relocated closer to the middle of the wallet, the pressure no longer seem to affect them.
Merchant Response:Interesting! Great fix! We'll have to recommend this to our other customers! Thank you! -BigSkinny
ProsIncredibly thin, easy to clean, does not stink when you get wet or sweaty.
By Dave
Childersburg, Alabama
Not as good as the Big Skinny I'm replacing
May 4, 2018
Instead of using a metal bar to hold bills this version has the standard slot in the billfold for money storage. This Billfold is wider and longer than the Big Skinny I'm replacing.
Merchant Response:Hi Dave, Sounds like you had our Acrobat style originally -which indeed is very compact! We hope to have it available with RFID-blocking capability soon! Have a wonderful weekend!
ProsThis Big Skinny is not as good as previous versions but it is still much better that a standard billfold
ConsToo big compared to the Big Skinny I must replace
By Jvbudd
You Can't go wrong
April 28, 2018
This my second Big Skinny wallet. the first one lasted 8 or 9 years the best i can recall as it was purchased at a motorcycle rally. One of the best features beside the size is the it does not develop an odor like leather wallets do over time which makes it last for years instead of months. I went for the RF blocking version this time around
By Joe
Excellent wallet
April 15, 2018
I love my Big Skinny wallet. It’s even better than advertised. I transferred the contents of my old bulky leather wallet into the Big Skinny and shazam!!, it is less than half the size of the old wallet with same stuff in it. Throw in the RFID blocking and it’s a phenomenal deal. Highly recommend
ProsPrice RFID blocking Great design
By Joseph L.
Boone, NC
Improved Design of an Old Favorite
March 29, 2018
My wife bought me my first Big Skinny wallet about 29 years ago and I loved how thin it was even with mist of the items I had crammed in my old leather one. After eight years or so my Big Skinny looked a bit dirty and worn. I gladly irdered a second one. Another ten years passed and after my wife again commented on my cherished Big Skinny I ordered a new one. At first I was disappointed that the origibal rio stop nylon wallets no longer available. I ordered what I thought was the nearest thing, a black nylon bi-fold. When it arrived I loved it, especially the clear window for my drivers license. I also liked the compartments on each side, which make it easier for me to find things although they do not allow me to carry quite as many cards. But being forced to discard a couple of items is not a bad outcome. This classic Big Skinny is even better.
By Willy
Love your thin bifold
March 4, 2018
This is my second one the old one lasted 4or 5 years of hard use. Thanks for a quality well designed product.
ProsThin Durable
By Pat
Sacramento CA
BigSkinny wallet
February 25, 2018
I already have a BigSkinny and love it. This BigSkinny was a gift and, so far they love it!! Glad you added the rfid
By D
Great wallet
January 3, 2018
This is my second Big Skinny wallet, I replaced the old one, not because it wore our, but because I've been looking for a RFID blocking wallet. As of this writing, and to the best of my knowledge, no one's RFed me yet.
By Steven
Glendale az
Works great
December 30, 2017
Just the right size for me..no bulging pockets
By Laurie
Houma, Louisiana
Awesome product
December 30, 2017
The wallet is unbeatable in quality, design, and value. My husband is allergic to some leathers which led me to discover The Big Skinny. Have been a satisfied customer for years. Keep up the good work!😄
ProsUltra thin, constructed well
By Karen R.
December 27, 2017
I bought this Big Skinny RFID wallet for my husband for Christmas and he loves it! Thank you again Big Skinny for making yet another fabulous wallet!
ProsHubby loves the RFID throughout the wallet! Esp as he travels allot and room key cards in your wallet next to your CC’s can often deactivate the room key. NO MORE for him!
ConsI have none!!! He has none!!!
By Ken
Houston, TX
Not my first one!!
December 19, 2017
I love this bifold so much that I have bought two or three. So thin, light and strong. And now that they have a model with the RFID feature, they help keep my credit cards safe. I gave one to my friend for an early Christmas gift. He thinks it is a great wallet.
By Jeffrey S.
Niles, Illinois
Geat wallet Works as advertised
December 18, 2017
Great wallet. Switched my contents from old wallet to this one and the thickness was cut by 1/2 at least. Took it on the bus and RF signal for my card wouldn't work until card was removed from the wallet. Very secure and very impressive.
ProsWorks as advertised!
By E J.
Indianapolis. IN
If you don't have one-Get one. you will love it.
December 6, 2017
I have had a big skinney wallet for a long time. would have worn out several leather wallets during period of that time.I was looking for another wallet just like the one I had when I ran across this RFID Blocking one that was exactly like the one I have using. Of course I had to have it. Just as nice as my original. You can't wear it out.
By Denny
Kissimmee, Florida
Super nice
December 4, 2017
Love this wallet! My wallet was over 1” thick before I purchased this and now about 1/4” thick with all the same stuff in it
By Jeffery
Oak Lawn, IL
Like it
September 18, 2017
Best wallet iv ever gotten and will be getting one for my brother too
By Craig
Vancouver, Washington
Again a wonderful product!
September 1, 2017
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. They are the best wallet I have ever had! The Slim feel is very comfortable,and holds CC well. I chose the RFID feature on my new wallet. I haven't had any issues in the past with identity theft, but if I can add protection with a wonderful wallet that's a Win, Win .
By snake
August 17, 2017
I have been using this wallet for years and i luv it. I have gone through a few, just from wear and tear, but that being said these are light, THIN, and extremely durable. Unless it became unobtainable; this is the only wallet i will ever buy! If it aint broke don't fix it so please do not stop making it and or change it.
Proslight, thin, durable, and just plain awesome!
ConsNothing....and that is more than rare these days!!

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