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By George S.
New York
September 24, 2022
These wallets have to be the best one’s out there for these reasons, 1- comfortable, I mean very, very comfortable. 2- long lasting, these things will outlast you bluejean pockets. 3- cost, are you kidding? I’ve seen wallets that in my opinion aren’t worth a nickel costing twice the price of your wallets and I can bet they don’t even come close to the quality and comfort of yours. Thank you for a great wallet.. George S.
ProsCost and comfort plus durability.
ConsNone that I?ve seen.
By TX J.
Plano, TX
2nd Big Skinny, still excellent!
August 15, 2022
I had to replace my old Big Skinny due to losing, the first time ever, my wallet. Ordered the new one and like it a little better than the original. Excellent wallet if you want a thin wallet.
By Dave
Mesa AZ
Fabulous Products and service
July 7, 2022
This is my second big skinny. I used the first for about a decade and it won't wear out. Even so it developed a couple of wrinkles and I noticed that this new model has a bit better card pocket arrangement for my needs, and is RFID protected. So, I ordered....and it did not arrive in my mailbox by USPS. I suspect perhaps a jealous neighbor? Or the post carrier just put it in the wrong box. Sad. I let Big Skinny know it did not arrive and they sent me another free of charge, no questions asked. Marvelous! Above and beyond. Love the wallet too!
ProsReally skinny and should be extremely durable
By Jim
Bucyrus, ohio
What's in your wallet
June 2, 2022
I love this wallet. I carry a lot of cards and it holds them all and it's still thin, doesn't bother me a bit when I sit on it.
By John R.
Columbia, SC
2nd Hipster
May 19, 2022
This is my second Hipster wallet. I wore my first one out from constant use over a matter of years. There was no second thought I needed another Big Skinny wallet and I ordered an updated version of the Hipster. Love how it is so much flatter than other wallets I have had in the past, bought from malls, with almost the same amount of stuff in it. The credit card slots are very convenient and the bill slots are huge. When this one wears out in a few years I will get another. This is the best wallet I have ever used.
By Dave
Fl & Il
Love it
April 1, 2022
fits in my pocket great, thinner than my old wallet with everything in it than my old wallet with nothing in it. it really is unbelievable. I will never have anything else. Thank You, Dave
Prosthin and easy to use
By Ricky B.
Hayesville, NC
another great Big Skinny
February 19, 2022
Glad to get a new Big Skinny and with the new RFID technology. Feel safer and as with the previous wallets the thin fit in my hip pocket.
Prosthin and fit in back pocket
By Gary N.
Southern Arizona
Best wallet ever made
February 19, 2022
Fortunately, Big Skinny only gets my business once every 8 or 10 years. My last Big Skinny easily lasted that long and is still in great shape. I could keep using it, but I like this new design and the RFID protection. I was very reluctant to buy my first Big Skinny. I had that mental block that told me wallets must be made of leather,... thick leather. After my second Big Skinny, I will never think that again.
Prosskinny - light weight - RFID protection - just right amount of card pockets - most durable fabric I have even seen for such a roughly handled product - dual currency sections
ConsFirst thought was the price might be a little high for a fabric wallet that is not leather. But as soon as you start using this and realize the value, you quickly realize the price is NOT a con and the Big Skinny is actually a great value.
By Dennis
Peabody, ma
It's so thin
December 1, 2021
Great wallet. Quality is what I expected from this company. I had a wallet from them previously and it was perfect condition after a couple years.
ProsPlenty of space. Very thin. Durable material
ConsLittle larger than I was expecting and sometimes it can be awkward to whip out your wallet and pay at the store.
By Mike C.
Fort Worth, TX
Love these wallets
November 24, 2021
This is the 4th Big Skinny wallet I've purchased, and each has been better than the previous one. The Hipster is my favorite design because the way the card holders face they don't fall out like in some of their other styles. This is my 2nd Hipster. The previous one was starting to show some wear after several years, and with chipped cards now I felt the RFID blocking feature was worth getting a new one. Big Skinny makes the best wallets out there.
ProsThinner than most wallets Credit cards don't accidentally fall out. RFID blocking is important with chipped cards. Fabric is very strong.
By Derek
absolutely the best wallet
November 23, 2021
A simple design that every man can appreciate. All my previous cards, money, etc. fit in a remarkably thin wallet that fits my jeans back pocket or my jacket pocket,AND it is ridiculous protected. Why would you use any thing else.
By Roger A.
San Diego, CA
No more backside lump! Great Wallet
September 29, 2021
My family was always embarrassed when I pulled out my old lump (bi or tri-fold) to pay for something. It was huge and over time actually gave me back pain sitting on it. I really wanted an RFID Blocker and also something much more comfortable. I saw the Hipster and immediately knew it wouldn't hold all my stuff. I bought 2 additional picture / card holder inserts and I now have 28 cards and member ID's in it and it is still way skinny compared to what I had before. It is also very comfortable in my back pocket and at first I found myself suddenly checking my pocket because I couldn't feel it like the huge lump I always carried before. I can even wear dress slacks and it just kind of disappears as if I'm not carrying a wallet, but, I never go anywhere without it.
ProsVery Well made! RFID Blocker stylish to the point of impressing my family Very Easy to find all things I put in it.
ConsI wish it came with the plastic card holder inserts, but they were cheap and easy to find.
Great Wallet
September 27, 2021
This is my second purchase for the wallet. My husband loves it. After everything has been stuffed into the wallet, its still SKINNY! Its not painful like other wallets when its in his back pocket. That was the main reason I purchased it. I will purchase again and will tell everyone I know about BIG SKINNY! Thanks for a great product.
By Roger
Excellent wallet!
September 17, 2021
I was more than pleased to find that I could buy a second wallet, since I had bought my first one a number of years ago at a motorcycle rally. I had worn out the first one by carrying it every day since the purchase. Glad to be able to put all my cards in the wallet!
By John L.
Champaign Illinois
September 4, 2021
Best thing in the world. This is number 6 and it will not be the last one, because as long as they are made I will buy more when they just gave out.
By jeff
auburn, ma
July 5, 2021
had a hipster for eons and it wore out..replaced with a new one finally and found out it was redesigned without pocket behind left side pockets! deciding whether to keep or replace. if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Otherwise it is a great product if you are tired of sitting on a brick for a wallet.
By Del
Bedford, New Hampshire
Great products.
July 5, 2021
I had a smaller one that gave me exactly what I needed but it got so much stuff put in itt I had to go with the larger one. I'm really glad I did, everything I had in the old one fit neatly into the one and it guards against anyone copying the info. Great company keep up the great work.
By Kevin
it is BIG AND skinny
May 18, 2021
Hate sitting on a thick trifold wallet - this is definitively NOT that! holds everything I need and not sore hips from sitting on a lump!
By Jim
Napa CA
Slim and efficient
May 18, 2021
Skinny wallet takes what used to be a thick sore in my back pocket to a slim comfortable waller
By Capt J.
Little Torch Key
The right wallet for me
May 1, 2021
I had purchased a Big Skinny soon after they were released many years ago. I found it at a boat show and it seemed a perfect fit for someone who works on the water every day. It had a low profile and dried quickly. Quick drying was a huge factor because I find myself soaked many days a week. I loved the wallet and the price point. When it was warn out I wanted to purchase a replacement but was put off by the price increase. I purchased a standard fat wallet. It was many years of wishing that I had a Big Skinny again. When fatty was worn out I decided to go Big Skinny again no matter what. I still cant say that I am happy with the price, but for the best wallet on the planet how much is too much? I will never be without a Big Skinny ever again no matter the cost.
ProsPerfect Wallet for my pocket. The name perfectly describes the function. Dries quickly.
ConsPrice is a bit hi.
By Mike
Cape Cod to Florida
Durable, protective and functional wallet
April 19, 2021
I've had this particular wallet for over 8 yrs now, durable is a good word for it. It's been thru bad weather, swimming, 114F heat and it still didn't become a pain in the a**. I made a couple horizontal slits in the pocket below the ID slot to hold those stupid little ''Preferred customer" cards and that didn't change the wallets performance. Great product, so I'll pickup another at today's price for a backup in a few years.
By d m.
syracuse ny
good product
April 17, 2021
very good product as expected
By Mark
New Hampshire
Repeat customer
April 9, 2021
I am a long time customer of the big skinny wallet. I can attest that they last a very long time! I replace them every 10 years, not because they are worn, but to get a updated one with new features! I have over 20 cards (credit, medical, licenses, etc...) and pictures, the wallet never breaks down and you will never find anything that is this skinny! My wife spent 3x more on a wallet for me and just for fun I tried to put in all my cards and it wouldn't hold half of them! I pulled out my 10 years old leather big skinny and showed her how much more can be held and it was 1/3 the width! So she returned it and I bought a new big skinny nylon for the boat! Great product, see you again in 10! See the pictures of my 10 year old big skinny, still has many more years to give!
ProsNever will you find a wallet that is this skinny and last as long!
ConsNone - very happy with the product over the last 10+ years
By Gary
Cape Coral FL
The Very Best
April 5, 2021
This RFID Blocking Hipster replaced by Big Skinny leather version, which I had for 4 years. The RFID is much easier to pull out of my front pocket. It has great dividers so you can separate credit cards from ID cards. Of course it is Big Skinny thin, even when loaded up. It is the best.
ProsThin Durable Safe Easy to remove from pocket Good separation
By DanDiego
San Diego, CA
Nice well-made wallet
March 21, 2021
Impressive product but pricey for a wallet. Somewhat bigger than the flat thin one I am replacing.
By Chris
New wallet
February 19, 2021
Had to replace my current wallet and this one has the built in RFID so I didn't have to place aluminum foil in it, still like the look and space it has compared to the old bulky wallet I had in the past.
By Tom
Va. Beach, VA
My second one.
December 10, 2020
I bought my first Big Skinny wallet while on vacation three years ago, I keep my wallet in my front pocket and the Hipster was terrific. Even with my 25 different credit, id, health insurance, electronic pass cards, spare car key and cash, it is unbelievably slim and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend Big Skinny products.
ProsQuality Durability Performs as advertised Extremely light weight
ConsNone that I've found.
By Randy
Pittsboro NC
Great product
October 9, 2020
Wanted RFID Protection so retired my ten year old Big Skinny that is still in great shape. I love the design and arrangement of pockets for credit cards. This one will likely last forever. Great product.
By Tim c.
Love it
September 6, 2020
Fit all my cards and can fit more if needed. I love it.
By Doug
Columbia, SC
A Great Product!
August 28, 2020
Love it! If I have any "complaint" it would be that it is almost too thin! At times I have had it fall out of my hip pocket. I guess I need to put more stuff in there to help keep it in place!
Waterford, Michigan
Nice big wallet that is slim and fits perfectly in your pocket.
August 17, 2020
Compared to the original wallet that I bought back in 2013, this one is much bigger than my old wallet but fits inside my back pocket very easily, and does not slide out when removing my pants, unlike my old one.
ProsFits inside back pocket perfectly and will not slide around.
ConsSometimes trying to find the right membership card, can be hassle if you trying to be quick about it.
By Tim
Sarasota, Florida
My second Big Skinny wallet
August 7, 2020
This is my second Big Skinny wallet, and I love it! Easy to keep cards, cash, and the day’s receipts in one place and organized in a slim, comfortable wallet. I’ll be buying another when this one wears out. Great design!
By Eddie R.
Cards arranged side by side are flatter
June 15, 2020
This is my fifth Big Skinny. I had the leather hybrid bi-fold wallet but my wife liked it as it goes nicely in a long purse, so she took it. Then I had the Curve wallet which is now my travel wallet for places where they still use currency, so that I don't need to switch the contents. It fits nicely in travel jeans. I also have a card case and a card holder which I use for name cards and access cards... nice and handy. One of them has become an iPhone stand because the inner rubber surface grips a credit card that makes the phone stand at the perfect angle for facial recognition. My new wallet is the RFID blocking Hipster which arranges cards side by side so its slimmer. It's comfortable in my back pocket as it's so thin.
By Warren
San Fran
great but could be fantastic
March 17, 2020
This is the most compact wallet that holds everything. PLEASE add a zippered compartment like your world traveler. I have both and prefer this one if it had a zippered compartment. I use the zippered compartment to hold my rf car key, so it is really useful.
By Wallace
St. Petersburg, FL
RFID Blocking Hipster Wallet
January 17, 2020
I have used the Hipster wallet for many years and was delighted to see this product with RFID protection. I was so pleased with the product I immediately purchased the very same wallet but with RFID protection. After many years of use, I have no doubt this wallet is among the world's greatest products... way beyond its thin configuration. Well designed and fits my lifestyle perfectly. Well done Big Skinny! A superb value for the money!
Pros*RFID protection * Thin construction permitting increased capacity within same dimensions * Configuration allows enormous capacity for credit cards *Rugged material for long life * Attractive in style * Great $ value
Cons* New material is slippery, increasing possibility of slipping from pocket
By Gerry
Topeka, Kansas
Hipster RFID
January 10, 2020
This is the ultimate personal wallet for me. The RFID adds no extra bulk. Load the Hipster up and you have the most comfortable wallet made. Great product!!!
ProsVery thin, durable and affordable.
By Bob
Bark River
Nice wallet
November 9, 2019
Wallet is thin , as advertised. Appears well made
ConsWould be nice th have non-smooth cover to make it harder to pickpocket.
By Marc
This Hipster Wallet is more then I expected.
October 11, 2019
I just received my Big Skinny today. I have to say, this is truly a WOW moment. I am 59 and have been seeking the perfect wallet for years. the search is over. This RFID Blocking Hipster has hit the mark on everything I've been looking for. 1st. It is thin even with 18 cards and my passport in it. 2nd. The cards are secure and do not fly out of the wallet when I open it, thanks to is none slip texture. 3rd. The Hipster fits perfectly in my back pocket, and because of its nylon microfiber construction it slides in and out of my pocket with out constriction. I am preparing for my 60th Birthday trip to Europe. Thank You for helping me know my ID, Cards and Passport will be secure and protected. You have made me a very happy customer. Now what else do you have that I may need.
By Reid
Destin, Florida
performs as advertised
October 5, 2019
This wallet is excellent and holds everything you want and more in a very thin comfortable in the pocket manner. Though it is bigger/wide it still fits very well in most pants pockets. It is so thin and slick that it slips out of the back pocket very easily, so should be conscious of that. Being thin and black it disappears quite easily on my desk or wherever I lay it down. A minor issue I'll just have to get used to I think. Having the exterior with some options like a Diver flag logo or perhaps customized with owner initials in white, yellow or reflective silver might be good to enhance visibility.
Merchant Response:Hi Reid, Thank you for your feedback. The rubber Big Skinny logo on the front should help provide resistance in your pocket preventing it from slipping out. Good ideas with the new designs -we hope to have customize-able ones in the future! Thank you again! Big Skinny
Prosthin and very comfortable to carry though wide, still fits pants pockets easily tremendous carrying capacity
Consslides out of pocket easily, easy to lose
By Steve
Conyers, GA
RFID Clicking Hipster
September 27, 2019
The blocking feature is great, but the wallet is hard to get into my hip pocket.
ProsRFID Blocking
ConsLarger than my last Big Skinny wallet and harder to insert Bill's into and put into my hip pocket.
By Jon
Great Wallet
August 31, 2019
My second Big Skinny wallet. I like it’s durability and thin profile.
By Jim
Good feel
July 20, 2019
It feels good and hold quite a few cards. Overall it seems to be a good wallet. Time will tell how long it lasts.
Merchant Response:Dear Jim, Thank you for your review! The inside of our wallets are made of ultra lightweight nylon microfiber and have a non-slip interior on each pocket to prevent cards from falling out :) Please let us know if you run into any issues -We stand by our wallets and have a warranty for materials and workmanship. Thank you again for your review :) xoxo, BigSkinny
ProsHold a number of cards.
ConsHas a bit of a plastic feel on the inside
Broken Arrow OK
hipster wallet
July 3, 2019
Very good. This is my second hipster, last one was leather. thin, holds a lot, comfortable in back pocket. fast delivery.
Prosthin comfortable, bends in middle holds a lot
Consshould have leather option price
By Lee
My 3rd Big Skinny in 10 years
June 15, 2019
These are perfect wallets. My friends have other typical wallets that bulge and make their asses look stupid. I have three that I switch out from time to time. They don't wear out.
ProsGreat organizer. Always looks neat and clean.
By Owen L.
Lancaster, CA
Its been said already... The best wallet on the planet!
June 8, 2019
I'm about to buy my second one and the first one is going strong! I love this wallet!
ProsWhen I drive to BFE in 3+ hours of traffic, I never complain anymore about my rear left cheek hurting. The spacing of the cards is perfect! My Drivers License fits perfectly along with my passport card and a spare 100 dollar bill. All that and affordable!
ConsThere are no cons!
By Reinhard
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Slim as I wanted
March 8, 2019
The side by side card arrangement gives me the slimness I was looking for. The rest works like a nice wallet. Fits in my pockets fine.
By Larry
Tampa, FL
The wallet I'll ever use
February 18, 2019
Once you use a Big Skinny wallet, you will not go back to regular wallets. They are so much lighter and easier to carry than bulky leather or plastic wallets. They hold a lot and are essentially bullet-proof I'll never go back to a standard wallet....Big Skinny is my new standard.
By Charlie
Ann Arbor, MI
The Best Wallet on the Planet
January 22, 2019
This is the third one purchased for myself over the last 4 years ( each lasts for about 2 years). Your wallets are reasonably priced. This wallet allows me to carry a lot of stuff comfortably in my back pocket and it all fits perfectly! I like this product so much, that I have also purchased additional wallets which I give as gifts to my friends and relatives to relieve them of "overstuffed wallet syndrome". I have gotten nothing back but praise of your ingenious design.
ProsI can't believe I can pack all my multiple cards, cash, receipts, license, etc into this wallet and it still remains SKINNY.
ConsThis are no CONS to this product. This is the perfect wallet.
By korbo
Great product - 2nd one I bought (first wasn't RFID)
January 5, 2019
I gave this product a 4 star rating for only one reason, it is just a tad bit too big....now I don't want a bifold sized wallet - but I was hoping it wasn't as large as my first Hipster...alas - it is! Wallet is great for holding everything I normally carry, and room enough for another equal amount. I carry 25 cards (don't trust info on smart phones)...now if it would just come with about $300.00 .... then this would get the full five star rating!(joke)
Prosholds 2x the amount I usually carry
Consstill a tad bit big...it will eventually crunch down in the corners as my 1st Hipster (good thing)
By George
Apollo Beach, FL.
Excellent Wallet
January 1, 2019
I have had my Big Skinny for over five years. It is still in great shape. I use it every day.

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