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Traveler Wallet   $32.95
35 Reviews
86% (30)
14% (5)
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80% Recommend this product (28 of 35 responses)
By John
Liked so much, ordered it again!
November 26, 2022
This is my second version of the same wallet. No problems with the first, but just thought I'd "update" with a new one. For being "skinny," this wallet holds all that I need on a day-to-day basis. It fits nicely in my back or side pocket with no uncomfortable or unsightly "bulge."
By Edie S.
Love, Love, Love Big Skinny wallets.
November 6, 2022
Big Skinnies are so well designed, lightweight, thin and ultr-functional! I've used one for up to 20 years and now that I'm leaving the US, I hope I will always be able to get my hands on them.
By Luz
Portland, OR
Skinny it is!
February 4, 2022
Husband loved mine so had to buy 1 for him. I had a more traditional styled wallet (the gray/white Big skinny) but it was too tall for my new phone purse. Your traveler was PREFECT! Thanks.
ProsFabric Styling
ConsNeed 1-2 more color options
By Michael
Great wallet
May 18, 2021
This is my 3rd bigskinny wallet and I love it... you really can pack this thing without it feeling overloaded
By Ronnie G.
West Central Florida
Skinny Wallet at a Skinny Price
December 9, 2020
This wallet makes all your cash and cards more compact. It even has a place for your change. The bonus is the low price. I would definitely buy again but with the quality I may not have to.
By Steve
The greatest wallet I have ever used
November 20, 2020
I can say that without hesitation or reservation these wallets are the best I have ever owned. They are slim enough to fit comforatbaly yet spacious enough to allow me to carry all the cars that I need to on a day to day basis. You won;t go wrong here!
ProsGreat manufacturing quality. Super customer service. Durability. Function
ConsThe time it takes to ship from the USA
By Liv
Great wallet...great price.
October 21, 2020
Love a wallet that allows me to keep my passport with me....a must if leaving quickly becomes a priority....at <$30 replacement every few years is nothing....
ProsTough and invisible (dark matt black goes unnoticed) Great value
By YediydeYah
Raleigh, NC
Quality Nylon Traveler Wallet
September 9, 2020
This is like my 3rd or so traveler wallet (4th/5th if you include the leather variants) so I am pleased that Big Skinny is still offering these wallets. The nylon is durable and can take a 'beating' (meaning not having to be delicate) more than the leather variant can. Love the divided billfold pocket (I don't understand why all wallets do not have this feature!). Definitely a wallet to own for everyday use and not just relegated to traveling use.
Merchant Response:Dear YediydeYah, Don't forget to throw in the wash and let airdry and it will look brand new :) Thank you for your review, BigSkinny
ProsThe coin pocket has a wider opening than the leather variant Durable nylon material Divided billfold pocket
Consseems to hold moisture a bit more than the leather variant (i.e. in your pocket during a hot/humid day in the summer). A bit more malleable than the leather version (creases won't dissappear as easy like they do in the leather variant after repeated creasing).
By Melinda G.
Best customer service
May 11, 2020
I received this wallet for Christmas from my daughter. The pocket started to come apart less than 5 months later. I reached out to big skinny and the were so kind. They offered to replace the wallet with no hassle. In a world that does not value the customer any longer, I feel this company has gone above and beyond to make me feel like my purchase matters. Thank you!!! 😃
By Mary C.
Best wallet I ever had
February 19, 2020
I love how compact Big Skinny wallets are. This is a great color and holds cash, cards and ID and is maybe 1/2" thick folded.
By Kerry
Denver, Colorado
great travel wallet!
January 7, 2020
This wallet is great for travel. It is very compact and I can get a lot of things in it. It will be great to hold my passport and my husband's passport along with id, credit cards and cash. I like the smallness of it, but yet it still holds a lot. I will be using this for many trips!
By Tammy
For Travel
October 15, 2019
I purchased this for a trip out of the Country. The travel wallet worked perfect for currency and it held 2 passports, without being bulky.
By Greg
Winter haven,FL
Big skinny wallets
October 15, 2019
I have owned 4 different types of big skinny wallets I love them best wallets that I’ve ever owned,The first time I ever seen one was at a international car show in Tampa,FL the sales guy said empty your wallet out and put it all in this Wallet I was sold on them right then I purchased one right then and have ordered 3 others ones in the past and I’m getting ready to order a new one this time the travelers wallet i have been looking for years for a thin Wallet that has two windows i found it! Thank you Big skinny wallets.
Merchant Response:Dear Greg, Oh no! The money compartment shouldn't be peeling--a member of our customer success team will be reaching out to you momentarily. We thank you for your patience!
ProsVery thin with a lot of cards
ConsThe money compartment wears out quick and peals!!!&#128577;
By Debora G.
great wallet
July 22, 2019
Love my wallet
By Catherine D.
Jacksonville, Fl
Travel wallet
July 21, 2019
I love this wallet. I carry a small purse so I don't have room for a thick wallet.It fits my credit cards and money . It easy to clean. The top of my hand lotion came off and when I took my wallet out of my purse, the lotion was all over the outside of the wallet. I took a soft cloth ,wet it and cleaned the wallet. Looks good as new. I will definitely buy another one when it comes time for a replacement. Haven't had a chance to use it on an overseas trip yet to see how my passport fits inside. I used a Groupon to purchase the wallet .
ProsGroupon was available and it saved me money on my purchase.
ConsThe reg price is a little steep.
By Larisa
Denver, Colorado
Best product in every way
May 21, 2019
This is my 5th purchase. Everyone in my family loves these wallets. It fits a lot of stuff, very thin, and good quality. I will never buy any other wallets because this brand meets all my needs. Wears well.
By Sean
Fircrest, WA
I *LOVE* my BS wallet
April 8, 2019
Bought mine at a State Fair, looking to reduce the thickness of my then wallet. I never know when the company will send me to travel, so always having my passport and all my cards is a great bonus
Merchant Response:Hi Sean, Thank you for calling this to our attention! A member of our customer success team will be reaching out to you momentarily. Kind regards, BigSkinny
ProsEach slot holds multiple cards which not only is convenient, but awesome. It also holds the cards fairly well.
ConsHere?s where a star is lost: the zippered pouch. For a while I used it for coins, but after a couple uses I realized the zipper is not endowed with the other reliable steadfast construction. The zipper is cheap and opens by itself all the time. I stopped using that pouch, which I now find unnecessary, and I just have all that extra material and a zipper that if gone would make it even skinnier.
Best wallet ever!
April 5, 2019
Love the thin compact features that holds so much!
By cindy z.
love it!
February 26, 2019
It's perfect for travel or everyday, fits in small purses
By Gene
Whitehall PA
Plenty of Room
December 25, 2018
After coming from a conventional wallet I am back to a Big Skinny. My first BS wore out after 10 years and I expect the same from my new one All my cards fit in Place for my License and Medicare cards And it is still not a rump lump.
By Cristina
Beaverton, OR
You've Thought of Everything
December 17, 2018
I bought this wallet for my son who was off to explore the world. He loves it.
ProsA place for everything. Save and sound.
By Patricia M.
northern California
flat wallet
May 30, 2018
Great flat wallet. Works good in a crossbody purse. The best customer service. I will shop here again.
Merchant Response:Dear Patricia, We'll be sure to send along your kind review to our team! Wishing you a wonderful summer! BigSkinny
Prosthe size, coin purse, place for paper money.
By Louise M.
Big Skinny products
May 1, 2018
I exchanged an item for this item and have not yet received it.
Merchant Response:Hi Louise, Thank you for reaching out! Rest assured you will receive your exchange. A member of our customer satisfaction team will be reaching out to you momentarily to confirm your details. Thank you again!
Prosas advertised
Conshave not received exchange item
By Michael
Brookline, MA
Great for a family set of passports
March 24, 2018
I bought the Traveler Wallet because I wanted a way to carry around all four passports for all four members of my family. (My kids are still underage and so don't carry their own passports.) This wallet is great for that; two passports fit into the passport pocket and two others fit into the main large pocket of the wallet. Even with four passports, the wallet stays thin enough to fit in my jacket pocket.
ProsWorks well for a multiplicity of passports
By Dianne
Atlanta, GA
Great for travel
May 21, 2017
I wanted this wallet to take when I travel to Europe in June. I can put it in a pocket or small purse yet it contains all the cards and cash I need. Really pleased with it. BigSkinny customer service is excellent.
By Geoff
Simi Valley
Every day wallet
March 6, 2016
This was going to be a travel wallet but it works well as an everyday wallet
By Tom C.
Cambridge, MA
Day-timer fits well.
April 5, 2015
This wallet is ideal for holding my pocket-sized Day-timer, as well as credit cards and paper money. Significantly thinner than the wallets sold by the Day-timers company itself. The only down-side is that there is no ring to hold a pen. The price was reasonable too!
By D
New York, NY
Decent travel wallet, holds everything
March 31, 2015
I used to carry my passport, my wallet, and various receipts and slips and bits of paper in my pocket when I was traveling, all jumbled together and making everything hard to find. I wanted a wallet that would keep things more organized, and this fits the bill.
ProsHolds my passport, currency, and a bunch of cards.
ConsThe wallet is rather larger than a passport, so it doesn't fit as well in my pocket as just carrying my passport by itself. They could've made the wallet 1/2 inch smaller in width and height and it would still hold a passport just fine. The "Big Skinny" sewn tag in the currency pocket always snags on bills when I try to take them out. There's already a Big Skinny logo outside the wallet (and it's kind of gaudy) -- why do you need an annoying tag inside the wallet too? The inside of the wallet had a bunch of lint or dust or something when it arrived. Did I get a wallet that someone else returned? I've seen other travel wallets that advertise a small pouch for holding SIM cards or other tiny objects -- that would've been helpful here. (I put my SIM card in the zippered coin pocket, but I'm worried that it'll get damaged by the coins.)
By Karen S.
Lacey, WA
Answer for any traveler,
March 19, 2015
I bought a Traveler Wallet for myself from a Christmas Show in Nashville. Love it so much I bought four more for traveler friends/family. So nice to be able to carry Passport, credit cards, medical info, cell phone and money in one compact RFID travel wallet. Mine came with a shoulder strap and would like to get straps for the four I bought as gifts.
ProsSee review above.
ConsAdditional colors would be nice. Also, would like shoulder straps included.
By Carol
Travel Wallet
January 5, 2015
I got the red/burgundy color wallet and am very happy with everything it holds. My only request for this item would be to add the magnetic closure on this particular item.
By Tim
Traveler Wallet
August 21, 2014
I like my wallet. I really do. So why didn't I give it five stars. Because I think there is room for improvement. First let me address the color. I went for Ocean Blue (note bigskinny you don't have this shown on the website, yet). It is more towards the aqua, teal end of the spectrum rather than dark or navy blue; I kinda assumed it would be closer to the cover of a US passport afterall. I'm sure I could return it, but I don't want black as I wanted something to standout. My other area for improvement is the pocket for the passport fits a passport just fine but doesn't fit my RF shield without trimming. Just a suggestion but how about a built in RF shield in passport section (or even the whole wallet). I probably won't use the zippered pocket either, but maybe that is just me.
By Matt
Travel wallet
May 21, 2014
Nice wallet,A little large but still fits easily into my front pocket.nice to be able to carry your passport.
By Pat
Traveler Wallet
January 5, 2014
Perfect ! Fits at least 2 Passports / see through ID and several credit cards also a compartment for cash. I bought it for traveling but will probable use it for everyday too !
By ccjcc
September 16, 2013
There were no pictures of the outside of the wallet (specifically of the zippered coin pouch)--therefore here is a link to a picture of it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1wzartxtixx2hcl/8852-300-10183.png
By Paul
More utility than a Swiss Army Knife
August 27, 2013
It's amazing how much this wallet can hold and remain thin. My USA Passport is well protected in here and sine I keep my wallet in my front pocket of my pants, very safe too. The wallet is a winner, and when my son saw it, he immediately proclaimed he wanted one. Well done Big Skinny! Oh, and shipping was immediate. Way to do business!

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