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Tri-Fold Wallet   $29.95
527 Reviews
87% (459)
10% (53)
2% (11)
1% (3)
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50% Recommend this product (264 of 527 responses)
By mary m.
Clearwater, fl
Men's trifold
November 24, 2022
I bought this wallet for my boyfriend. He was not happy about that. But I took everything out of his old wallet and put it in the Big Skinny trifold. He couldn't believe all his cards fit . He was surprised and happy. I haven't heard any complaints from him. I think that is his way of saying he likes it and thank you.
By Linda
Cincinnati, OH
Love the Nylon version
November 20, 2022
My son always wears out traditional leather wallets so I bought him the nylon version of the trifold wallet. His dad has the leather version and loves it! I know my son will love his version!!
By joy
New York
Love It
November 4, 2022
I really like this compacted wallet.. Slim and holds everyhing I need. I don;t like to carry large handbags, so this fits into my small crossbody bag.
ConsSo slim and carries all I need.
By Chuck J.
Cadillac, MI
Longest wallet I've ever had
October 21, 2022
Best cheap wallet I've ever had. Bought it in a truckstop like 15 some years ago. Holds all my stop cards, credit cards, fuel cards, and a good wad of cash without being 1 inch thick. I'm very happy to see the company still going strong, the Big Skinny is just an absolutely fantastic wallet.
ProsCarries stacks of cards, cash, and licenses without getting ridiculously thick.
ConsSeeing some wear on the corners after 15 years, but not enough to cause concern.
By Justin
Columbus ohio
Actually the best wallet I’ve ever had
October 15, 2022
Holding all my cards its half the size of my leather wallet. I got the nylon or whatever and It’s honestly amazing. It’s shorter than expected too which makes it that much better. Like a little thin square. I am glad I didnt go with the ridge style wallets that are trending this year because they are stupid and don’t hold anything. I will have this wallet for a very long time. Just fyi I’m a real customer and this is a genuine review
ProsSmall but fits stuff
ConsThere is not a con
By John C.
Pearl, MS
Outstanding Wallet
October 10, 2022
Hands down ..this is the best wallet I have ever had..it does what you claim..thank you
By Michael G.
The Best
September 26, 2022
This wallet is so much better than anything that I have ever had in my life and I'm 64 years old. Now that I have had it a while I have been telling everyone about it's so much thinner than my old wallet full than my old was when it was empty
By Karen
Carlisle, Pa
Perfect for my husband!
July 7, 2022
My husband likes this wallet so much, I think this is his 3rd one and the only one he’ll use anymore. It’s so compact and doesn’t take much room in his pocket. When this one wears out, he’ll replace it with the same!
Clearwater, Florida
Tri-fold wallet
July 6, 2022
This is my third tri-fold wallet over the past 10 years. I wouldn't buy anything else. They are super skinny and very durable.
By Joseph Q.
Stuart, Fl
Best wallet ever
June 29, 2022
This is my second one. Last one was 5 or 6 or years old. Pockets started to loosen up from being used an being wet several times.
By Levan
Tri-Fold Wallet
May 23, 2022
My husband has a lot of cards and paper to put in his billfold and it still folds great.
By Rocco
Southern Illinois
Nicely done
May 14, 2022
Nicely done. Can't believe how thick my old wallet was. I put everything into my Big Skinny Tri Fold , and I forget it is even there. Great job.
By Kevin A.
So good I bought a second one!
May 5, 2022
Owned this same wallet for the last 6-7 years. Slowly I started carrying more and more cards until I decided to clean out and go simple again. While it hadn't failed, there was a bit of wear, it was getting grungy, and it was stretched out so it didn't hold cards in place as well. I figured a new one was in order so being a person who doesn't like to change I decided to order the same one! Also, I've had several friends over the years order Big Skinny's after seeing mine!
ProsWorked well for 6 years or so
ConsEventually everything fails, I could have kept using it for probably another few years but thought I'd treat myself.
By Holly
Husband loves this wallet
March 28, 2022
Ordered 3 trifold wallets for my sons and husband. His old wallet was huge and he was able to go from an inch wide to a quarter inch. Much easier to carry and better for his back. I would highly recommend.
By Eddie
Peabody, Ma
My Skinny wallet
March 26, 2022
I love the wallet this is my second one, I just wish it was a little less expensive
By KatyDid
Palm Coast, Florida
Greatest Wallet Ever
February 15, 2022
I bought the men's trifold wallet for my husband. This is actually his 2nd one. The 1st one I bought was about 7 years old. It didn't wear out; it just got "stinky". He loves this wallet because it holds so much yet isn't bulky at all. It forms to it's surroundings, staying comfortable no matter what pocket it's in & nothing slips out of it. He told me that he will never use a "tradition" wallet again. There is no point because this works so well. (By the way, I threw the "stinky" one in the wash & it's usable again to keep as a backup).
ProsEverything is a Pro with Big Skinny! They look great, hold more than you can imagine, are not bulky, are durable, & a great value! My husband & I only use Big Skinny wallets.
ConsThere are no Cons!
By Tony
February 2, 2022
This is my third Big Skinny wallet. The first two were purchased at airplane shows. The third one is directly from Big Skinny. The quality and small size of the wallet with huge storage make it the best on the market and the easiest to carry.
By Rosemary
January 13, 2022
Gave this wallet to family members as a gift. These are fussing wallet people. THEY LOVED THEM! And they are actually using them!
By Richard
Titusville, Florida
Outstanding !!!!!!!!!
January 7, 2022
Really like the wallet !!!!!!! It does everything anyone would want from it !!!!!!
ProsComplete design !!!!!!!!!!!
By Jim
great service
January 4, 2022
wallet arrived on time
Prosfabric and stitching are about perfect. enough slots for cards and other info
By Jan
Rhode Island
My favorite wallet !
December 30, 2021
I ordered multiple wallets in the last few months and all but one have been in perfect shape upon arrival. One of the men’s black trifold was not folding correctly because the stitching was coming apart. It was too late to return it as I was giving it as a gift. Otherwise, I’ve had my billfold for years and absolutely love it. I’ve ordered so many for gifts and I’m so happy when I see the recipients using them! Great product!
By Baruch G.
Oakland, CA
great wallet
December 27, 2021
I have been using a Big Skinny wallet ever since I found one at the county fair in San Diego. This time, I inadvertently bought a leather Tri-Fold Wallet. At first I thought it wouldn't be skinny enough, but it is great and better than the cloth wallet I had been using. The wallets are high quality and last for years.
By Diane L.
December 20, 2021
Had a thick tri-fold and was hurting my hip. Got the Big Skinny tri-fold and put everything in it from the other one and don't ever realized it's in the pocket, this is great! Takes up much less room and hip is happy!
By Jere
December 19, 2021
Replacement for one have had for years which held up great.
By John
Great wallet
December 18, 2021
I had a regular Big Skinny but the tri-fold Big Skinny looked like it could hold more credit cards and other items I like to have with me. So I bought one and really like it. I can carry more with it and still it's small enough to fit in my pocket.
By Diane
Tri-fold wallet is perfect!
November 30, 2021
I bought this wallet 5 years ago as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it! He is very hard on his wallets. He has had leather styles literally fall apart after 2 years! I ordered him another tri-fold wallet this year for Christmas. His current one is looking a little rough around the edges and I want him to be prepared when the old one is done for good. I highly recommend this wallet for men. It is light-weight, durable, lots of room for credit cards and business cards without feeling bulky. It holds up extremely well. My husband is a firefighter and this wallet has been everywhere! It’s been wet, run over and even in a fire (totally by accident).
ProsLight weight, durable and holds lots of business cards and credit cards without feeling or looking bulky
By Kevin
Columbus Ohio
lasting wallet
November 27, 2021
This is my second wallet of this type and I am rough on wallets. This style is able to hold all my cards and cash with out them falling put. The last wallet lasted at least 15 years hopefully this one will out do that as I am not working as much.
By Clay A.
Hammock Fla
Great wallet
November 10, 2021
Excellent wallet. Had a smaller one for 20 years. Loves it
By Yayysmom
Nashville, TN
Great gift
October 17, 2021
I have been buying these for my husband for years. He really likes them. He used to carry leather trifolds but they were bulky and wore holes in his jeans from the friction. He can carry the same number of credit cards in the big skinny but the result is slimmer and doesn’t feel like a big lump on his hip, lol! Every other year or so I will buy him a new one. He’s always excited to get the new one.
By K&G
Washington, MO
For my husband
July 3, 2021
This is our second purchase. Nothing wrong with the first one purchased many years ago, but ran across an ad and decided to get another one to save for the future, if the first one ever wears out. My husband loves his big skinny. Everyone should have one.
ProsIt really is thin, lightweight and holds everything! Very well made.
By Maynard H.
Works exactly as advertised!
June 24, 2021
My new Big Skinny wallet was as thin with all my cards and money in it as my old wallet - empty!
ProsSuper thin, no bulge in pocket, washable.
By Corinne
Jax Beach
Fantastic Wallet
June 9, 2021
My husband and I bought this wallet about 8 years ago in Boston and he absolutely loves it. I noticed about a month ago he needed a new one. It was showing it age.. Slightly. He said he wanted the exact same so I went to the website and ordered a new one for him. Exact same 8 years later made his day.
Prosdurability, slim fit in back pocket,
By Richard
Rock Hill, SC
Second Big Skinny
June 3, 2021
This is the second Big Skinny Tri-Fold Wallet I've owned. I have been sold on this product since about 6-7 years ago when my wife got me the first one.
By Karen
Palmetto FL
Skinny Trifold
May 5, 2021
I bought my husband the skinny trifold and he LOVES it! He says it's more comfortable than any other wallet he's ever had. Very satisfied!
By Moe
I use the wallet daily. It is filled with 12 cards & bills & fits comfortably in my pocket
April 29, 2021
I bought in question for my son. I purchased my skinny wallet during the Christmas Holidays outdoors from your booth near Philadelphia City Hall. My Wallet was larger than my son's, which I like for me. My son's wallet is smaller which he likes. [...]
By Peter M.
Thorold, Ontario
Added security from pickpockets
April 13, 2021
I chose the Tri-Fold Wallet because it easily fits in my right or left front jean pocket. If I am in an area where I think there may be pickpockets, I can put my hand in the pocket where my Tri-Fold Wallet, hold and cover it with my hand for extra security. The wallet is also more difficult to pick from a front jean pocket even without your hand in the pocket. Great product.
By Henrietta
Hubby's lifetime favorite wallet
March 27, 2021
This is his second identical wallet. Same color, same size and design. So glad you still makes them. Seldom does he ask for a replacement of anything. That says a lot about the quality of your wallets. Congrats!
By T.
St Peter, MN
I love my BigSkinny!
March 8, 2021
I love my BigSkinny!
By Gerry
wallet review
February 27, 2021
it was not exactly what he wanted but it will be fine it just wasn't the same one he had before the first order from you that was very satisfied with and it held up well
By yramt
Chicago, IL
Almost perfect
February 14, 2021
I've had several Big Skinny wallets over the years as my tastes change. This is my current go to daily wallet and Is almost perfect, here are the two cons: 1) The 3rd pocket (furthest back on either side) is too deep, I can't see the edge of the card when I put items in there. I use it for cards I almost never use 2) Limited colors. This is considered a mens wallet, so the colors are all pretty neutral. I can't imagine I'm the only woman who likes the size and style. I'd like to see more of a color selection. I also have the woman's trifold and like this a lot better, I found the card positioned vertically would wome out easily.
By S J.
Bronx, NY
Happy young man
January 28, 2021
My son's wallet was falling apart and I suggested Big Skinny for his new wallet. We looked at all the wallets and this was the one he chose. All of his cards and money fit and he was truly amazed that the wallet stays the same size. It's easier to get in and out of his pocket and he's very happy with it. Thank you, Big Skinny!!
ConsNo compartment for loose change
By D.
Garfield, N.J.
Tri-Fold Wallet
January 25, 2021
Ordering was super easy, price with shipping was very affordable, & the wallet is perfect and the same as I purchased over ten years ago the first time I bought one! My wallet was shipped the first business day after purchase and was delivered In three days! This company was perfect for non-worrisome ordering and terrific products!
By Rosie
Grand Rapids,Michigan
Skinny wallet
January 24, 2021
My husband loves this wallet. This is his second one. Holds a lot and stays slim!
By Garry
Cascade Locks Oregon
Great Wallet
January 7, 2021
I love this wallet, I had bought one about 6 or so years ago at the NW Sportsman Show and finally wore it out. For such a thin wallet it holds everything. The only thing I miss on my new wallet is the lack of the small zipper compartment on the back of it that my original wallet had. Regardless this is a great wallet at a great price !!!
By Dino
Great product
December 28, 2020
This was a gift for someone that has never had a big skinny before. This was to replace a worn out wallet. So far they love it. It holds all required items and more.
ProsNot bulky
By Jennifer
North Carolina
December 27, 2020
Best wallets we have ever purchased. I have several different styles. This is my husbands second wallet and my son also have one. We love them!!
By Bob
December 19, 2020
Takes me from a painful bulky wallet that was nearly impossible to take cards from to a soft wallet that doesn't kill my backside in the card with easily removable cards.
By Deb P.
Columbus, Georgia
A LOVED product!
December 18, 2020
We purchased the first tri-fold while attending the Daytona Turkey Run Car Show several years ago. My husband has LOVED it and has told MANY friends/family about it. While the original one he carries is STILL holding up well, I decided to tell "Santa" to drop one in his stocking this year. I was saddened to learn that you were not participating in this years Daytona Turkey Run, I decided to simply "hunt you down" (LOL) and was thrilled to find your website. THIS is the BEST wallet my husband has ever owned. Again, THANK YOU for your assistance in getting this to me in time for Santa! With all of the sadness of 2020, finding your link was a great "good thing". God bless you and yours this holiday season!
By D.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Love these wallets !!
December 10, 2020
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. The first on was for me, which I purchase about a year ago, and this one is for my husband for Christmas.
ProsSo lightweight and thin.
ConsNone so far
Big Skinny
December 1, 2020
This is my second one. The first one lasted approximately 10+ years. Bought it at a booth while visiting the Eastern States Fair in Springfield, MA and have been pleased till it finally wore out.

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