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The Hipster Bifold   $32.95
187 Reviews
81% (152)
13% (24)
5% (9)
0% (0)
1% (2)
54% Recommend this product (101 of 187 responses)
By Danny
Big skinny
August 6, 2022
By Buddy
Best wallet around!!
July 2, 2022
Absolutely love these wallets! Have had them for years. Well made , great design! Definitely would recommend!! 😎
By Graham
Boston, MA
7+ years
May 3, 2022
These wallets last!
ProsLong lasting Huge capacity I barely notice it in my back pocket Nothing falls out Good organization
ConsThe inner lining in the cash pocket started to shed after 7 years of use
By Andrew
Granbury, Texas
I liked my previous one better.
January 28, 2022
The design makes it difficult to get the cards out, especially when the card pocket is full. I do love the thinness and that it holds a lot of cards.
ProsThin Holds a lot of cards
ConsDifficult to remove cards, especially when there are a lot of them
By Joey
Jacksonville. Florida
Best wallet I've ever owned
January 4, 2022
This is my second Big Skinny. I love it. Made to last and love how thin they are. I have recommended them many times. The best wallets on the market
By Worky
Layton. Utah
Great size and more pockets
December 22, 2021
Fits my needs really well!
By Terry
Shipman IL
Bifold hipster
November 24, 2021
I have use my hipster bifold for yrs. I’ve given them has gifts. Great gifts!!!
By John
Durable, compact
July 4, 2021
Have used these wallets for years.
By Stephen
Tucson, Arizona
Why aren't all wallets made this way?
June 14, 2021
I bought this at a festival years ago... loved it so much that I bought a spare, which is sitting in a drawer, waiting for my first one to wear out. The design is brilliant. Bu putting two stacks of cards side by side, you get a thinner wallet that still fits comfortably in your pocket. I love this thing. Now I look at more expensive wallets and sneer.
ProsThin, lightweight, durable, holds a ton of cards.
ConsI wish it came in some brighter colors.
By Larry S.
Buffalo, New York
April 7, 2021
I bought my son the Hipster, and he says it is by far the best wallet he has ever had. I have been using the traditional bifold for over ten years. I bought a leather wallet one time during the past ten years and abandoned it after one month.
By Marlon
Meridian, Mississippi
Awesome company
April 2, 2021
I love Big Skinny. I've been using your wallets for going on 10 years I guess. This one is a little bigger than I thought it would be but that is my fault. Not theirs. It's great quality as always and exactly what I ordered. It's just huge
ProsGreat quality. Fits every single card you could possibly have Bi-folds flat even with cash inside
ConsReally really big (not thick) Fills up your entire back pocket of jeans
By Hans
Wilmington, NC
Thin yes but WAY too big
February 17, 2021
As my son described it, the ugliest wallet he has ever seen. Look ridiculous. Sticks way out of my back pocket as if to say, steal me. Might be great for a front coat pocket but Hipster, NO!
Merchant Response:Hi Hans, Oh no! :( We have a lot more compact models to try out if you wanna give 'em a go! :) The Super Skinny or our Classic Tri-Fold or Bi-Fold might be a better fit for you. A member of our Big Skinny team will be reaching out to you directly :) Have a wonderful day!
By Gospel
East Tennessee
Best Designed Wallet I've Ever Owned!
January 27, 2021
I saw this wallet advertised 10 years ago, and the design made sense to me. It looked as if it had the most capacity in the least space. I got it a few years later, and was happy with it at first. As years went by, I was more and more satisfied with it. I bought it as gifts for two different people, and they were both happy with it. I got this one as a 2020 Christmas gift for another friend, but as I was wrapping it, I noticed my original wallet had stretched a little. So I kept this one, and my friend got a Christmas mug! Truly, the wallet is that good! I'm going to see if they make it in leather!
Merchant Response:You're in luck! We do indeed have it available in leather. :)
By Gary W.
Best wallet ever
January 9, 2021
This is my second time buying this wallet. It lasts a long time and holds everything you need.
Northville, NY
Big Skinny Wallet.
November 27, 2020
I love the big skinny wallet. It turned my oversize wallet into a very thin. manageable wallet. At first I did not think it was possible but this wallet turned me into a believer. I would highly recommend.
By Mark
New Jersey
Great wallet
November 26, 2020
I used to have a tri-fold wallet. It was bulky and thick. The Big Skinny decreased the size of my wallet by 75%! I used to take my wallet out of my back pocket whenever I drove anywhere. Now I hardly know it's even there.
ProsLight weight, ample amount of pockets to put your credit cards and things in.
By Curly
Still great
August 30, 2020
Purchased another! I have worn out a couple before I broke down and bought this one. Hopefully I can wear this one out before I pass away. Great products over the years that I have been using them.
By Edward
The Hipster
August 21, 2020
Best wallet ever!
By Tim H.
Love this wallet
April 12, 2020
Iv carry alot cards like alot of people. This wallet holds lots of cards but the best part they dont add any bulk to wallet This is my 2nd one I bought I still have the first one it's still usable.
By Greg
Ft Myers, FL
March 30, 2020
excellent wallet. i'm buying a few in case they quit manufacturing.
By Christy R.
Great Wallet
January 3, 2020
This is my second one, I wore the other one out. Love the wallet. Sometimes I have to check my pocket to make sure I have it because its so thin.
ProsThin Good storage space
By cbcroswell
Wallet That Lives Up To It’s Name
December 30, 2019
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. Same style as I had before. Lives up to name.
Pros-Fit lots into wallet, but takes up a small amount of space -lasts quite a few years so good value for the money
By Scubaden
Punta Gorda, FL
Very Positive Overall
December 22, 2019
I’ve had several Big Skinny wallets and have liked them all. Normally I’ve used the smaller wallet style where your credit cards are in their separate pockets. The problem I’ve had with these and I don’t know if it’s the wallet or me, but my credit cards crack where the mag strip is. Not a big deal, but inconvenient. So I decided to try the hipster because the cards slide into a separate card and each pocket is for multiple cards. This wallet is less bulky so I like it for that reason. I wish it was a tad smaller in height because it’s about the size of my back pocket and in some cases, I can’t button the flap or the pocket. I have noticed too that the wallet will slide partially out of my pocket if I can’t secure it. I’ve been using it for a month now, so maybe I’ll get use to a couple of things I don’t like. I also wish that the area under the compartments was sewn in half so the area wasn’t as large and what you put in that area would stay organized. Quality is excellent!
By Jeannie
Honolulu, Hawaii
Best wallet ever!
December 17, 2019
I buy my husband a new wallet every 3 to 4 years. This one is his 3rd one from big skinny. Don’t get me wrong, the wallets are super durable but my husband has put them through a lot. The flat design fits perfectly into the back pocket of his jersey without falling to the bottom and hanging, he says.
By Peter A.
Fair Lawn, NJ Bergen County. USA
Nylon Hipster
November 20, 2019
Found Big Skinny at NYC Javits Center and got introduced to Hipster. Now I will not leave home without it. Its thin, holds all CC cards. Plus. Big Skinny eliminated the plastic key holder. But I made two for my wallet. Stapled them into billfold area. Perfect! Love the Hipster!
By Jim
Jax, Fl
As thin as you will ever find!
October 17, 2019
Holds lots of cards and plenty of 1’s ! Love it!
By Charles H.
July 9, 2019
By Stu
Portland, Oregon
New wallet just because
April 6, 2019
After too many years to remember I replaced my wallet with a duplicate. The old one still had some years to go but replacement with a duplicate was painless and makes me look younger .
By Barry
Rhode Island
Practical Brilliant Design
April 2, 2019
For years, I have enjoyed the leather version of the Hipster Big Skinny wallet - and this nylon model is even thinner. Because the credit cards don’t overlap, the wallet is thinner and the cards are less likely to get warped and it is easier to slide the cards out. The divided bill pocket is ample and provides a handy place for receipts (or separating different currencies when travelling internationally). But for me, the thing that makes the Big Skinny uniquely useful is that my US passport fits perfectly in half of the bill pocket.
ProsFits in my rear pocket, but snugly so it doesn?t fall out.
ConsThe nylon is a bit slippery compared to the leather model - sometimes it takes a couple of tries to pull it out of my pocket (depends on the pants - some pants have a smaller opening.)
By Greg
Hipster bifold
March 31, 2019
Very satisfied with this product.
By Frank
February 27, 2019
My old wallet was one inch thick. My jeans always wore out at the wallet before anywhere else. With the Hipster, my wallet is now less than 1/2 inch thick! My drivers license and favorite credit card have their own pockets, all other cards are split between the two other pockets.
Consbills are hard to arrange in that deep pocket
By Wade
Del Mar, CA
I love this wallet
November 13, 2018
Holds all my cards in a super flat envelope. No butt bulge no scoliosis. This is my second one. The first lasted over 6 years and is still serviceable
By Don
Grant, Alabama
Thin Is In!
November 12, 2018
I really detest a thick bulky wallet and the Big Skinny is the answer. This is my second wallet after wearing out the first over 5 years. If you want a thin, durable, functional wallet, Big Skinny is the answer. There are many styles to choose from and you won’t be disappointed.
ProsThin Thin Thin
By Scott
Why no RFID Hipster?
November 3, 2018
I have had mine since 2002 and love it. Please make an RFID version of the Hipster.
Merchant Response:Hi Scott, We hope to have one soon! Join our email list for latest updates :)
ProsDual money slot. Spreads cards out for even thinner profile.
By Mike
Austin, Texas
Best in Class
October 22, 2018
3rd Purchase - Nothing else matches the qualityDesign, and functionality of these wallets.
By Chester
Lebanon Tn
I bought another Hipster Bifold.
October 10, 2018
I bought a Hipster after my old one wore out after many years of service. I was unable to find another wallet that fits my needs.
By David
Columbus, GA
Wide and Flat
October 9, 2018
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. I was very happy with a simple bifold, but after years of use it was showing its age. I decided to try this one since the multiple credit card pockets would spread out the thickness.
ProsMultiple credit card pockets in two rows for a wider but thinner wallet. Large cash compartment.
ConsCredit card pockets are snug, making it hard to pull out anything but the rear-most card (by sliding a finger behind it).
By Robert
Fort Worth TX
Hipster Review
August 7, 2018
This wallet rocks for me. It is somewhat taller than most allowing for offsetting your bills and allowing credit cards to be carried in different pockets maintaining a thin profile. This way it doesn't protrude thru your pocket nor does it bulge out pushing into your body allowing for more comfortable carry.I have used this style of wallet for several years for the above reasons. It holds up without tearing or coming apart from use. Maybe the only con is it is somewhat slick to touch making it a little difficult to grasp.
By Jeff
Extream duty
July 15, 2018
This is the best flexible extream duty wallet i have found last me 4/5 years being a mechanic. This next one will be my third. First was leather, now I'm looking to replace the nylon. The hipster is my favorite. Good job designing these A+
By Rick N.
Tampa, Florida
Love my Wallet - it's my 2nd one (first one ripped) around the id section otherwise i'd still use that one!
July 9, 2018
really like the simplicity of this wallet and how much "chit" i can put in it without having a "constanza" wallet. great job on design.
Merchant Response:Hi Rick! Thank you for your feedback! and Thank you for being a loyal BigSkinny customer! Do note that all Big Skinny wallets come with a 1 Year Warranty for materials & workmanship :) Wishing you a wonderful summer! -BigSkinny
Consfell apart around the stitching around ID clear portion. became annoying and id card and insurance cards kept falling from where it let go on top around plastic.
By Ben J.
Los Angeles, CA
Great Wallet that Lasts
June 8, 2018
I have had my Hipster Bifold wallet since I was in college. I got it around 2010, and 8 years later, it's a little worn, but still extremely function and works great! I love this wallet!
By Ben
Brainerd, Minnesota
Great Wallet
May 22, 2018
Very sturdy and thin. I can now keep all of my cards safe without having bulging pockets. Love it!+
sarasota florida
best wallet
May 16, 2018
I combined two wallets into one with the Hipster and it is still thin. The nylon version lasts and lasts, I got more than 5 years of wear and tear and only now have a little tear so I went to the internet and tracked down a new one!!!!
By Jerry
S Central PA
Great thin wallet
April 23, 2018
Holds many cards and remains thin. Very functional and looks decent
By Ron
Central Pennsylvania
Thin is where it's at!
April 9, 2018
In this day and age of toting necessary plastic, this is just what I needed. I couldn't drive with my previous wallet in my pocket because it was probably 1 /12 to 2 inches thick. Now I can comfortably keep this in my pocket fully loaded with it being only about 1/2 inch thick with the same amount of cards in it. Thank you.
ProsThin and well made.
By Robert
Dallas, texas
Not as good as others
March 13, 2018
This wallet does not hold the cards as good as the other wallets I have purchased here. I am not attempting to return in and will update the review if this is not possible or they make it difficult.
Merchant Response:Hi Robert, Thank you for your feedback. We'd love to hear how we could tweak this design. It is one of our maximum capacity carry models so I would only recommend this model if you are carrying over 30 plastic cards. We want everyone to be completely satisfied with their wallet! You may certainly return your unworn wallet within 30 days of purchase. At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at service@bigskinny.com or 617.500.6939 and they'll be happy to work with you on finding a style that betters suits your needs. Thank you again for your review! Have a great day! BigSkinny
By Dean A.
Great value, [. . .]
January 11, 2018
I've owner one for about 8 years, thinking of getting another one. But its last forever!\ Waiting for [. . .]? Any [. . .] in the future? The Hipster really in Hip!
ProsGreat value, even better if on sale!
By John
Howell, Michigan
My favorite wallet!
January 1, 2018
I have been a loyal fan of the Hipster for over 15 years! Please do not attempt to discontinue the Hipster Model!
ProsOne key feature is the the credit cards stack directly on top of one another. This prevents the potential damage of cracking in half which is caused by staggering them. The other feature is that when folded, the cards can not slip out accidentally. Thank you
By Austin J.
Stoneham, ma
Best wallet I've ever owned...
December 31, 2017
Over been using these wallets for years. I first saw them at a motorcycle rally, purchased one and the rest is history. I've had a half dozen at least already. I just ordered two more for myself for Christmas... The Best wallet ever. Thank you!!!
By Bill
Christopher, IL
Best in 40 years of wallets
December 28, 2017
I bought this brown hipster wallet at the Louisville Mid-America Trucking Show almost 4 years ago... this darn thing has been put through the worst you could imagine... it's showing some wear, but still very serviceable. I'm gonna be upgrading to a new one soon, but only because I like the blue one. I'll pass my old brown one down to a family member. It has served me very well...and as a Trucker and Firefighter, I can appreciate the thinner wallet without sacrificing space. I've had "fancy" brand name wallets before and this BigSkinny has them beat...hands down.
ProsLess stress on spine, reliable hold on contents, bending helps the spine and buttocks, ease of use.

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