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By Carl
Magnolia ohio
Great product
November 1, 2022
My second one , first one lasted 14 years, tried a different brand for about a month and hated it.got online and ordered and had it in a very short time. Got first one at rally in D.C.
ProsVery comfortable, I drive truck and don?t even notice it in my pocket
By Philo
Baytown, TX
Best Wallet Ever
July 22, 2022
I purchased this Big Skinny wallet to replace a Big Skinny wallet that was probably close to 10 years old. The ONLY replacement for me was another Big Skinny!
Prosholds everything that I require of myself to have on my person
By Bobby
Excellent Product
July 21, 2022
Comfortable, holds lots of stuff and doesn’t get bulky. Excellent product.
By PJones
Best Wallet Ever
July 18, 2022
This is my third Super Stretch (Super Skinny). Each has been the best wallet I’ve ever owned. Excellent product. No more back aches from Bulging Wallet. This wallet is awesome. I highly recommend purchasing one from Big Skinny.
ProsSuper strong exterior material. Plenty of pockets for Cards Easy I.D. Access Pocket Folds in the middle and conforms easily in the back pocket without bulging. Barely know it?s there when sitting for long periods.
ConsNone noted.
By Neal F.
Tomball, TX
Great wallet
June 27, 2022
Bought mine over a year ago and I love it. If it ever wears out...which might be awhile, I'd get the exact same one! Very comfortable.
By Hunter
Nolensville TN
Money well spent
March 8, 2022
12 years of everyday wear!
By Stan
New Jersey
Easiest wallet to carry.
November 30, 2021
This is my second purchase of the same wallet. The first last many years (maybe 10?). My new one is improved in a minor way, so it’s good to see Big Skinny pays attention to details. I use this wallet because in my pocket, it’s most comfortable. WHAT’S DIFFERENT FROM OTHER WALLETS? The “Super Stretch Bifold” wallet creates two stacks of cards (credit, drivers license, etc) with a fold between them, so instead of sitting on one large stack of cards, two smaller stacks fold yo my shape.
By Tom
Thinnest wallet I've ever owned.
November 26, 2021
Plenty of storage. Wears great. Lasts a very long time.
By Fred
Warwick, PA
The Best
November 24, 2021
I have had numerous wallets, inexpensive and expensive but the Big Skinny Super Stretch is the best. I can pack numerous credit cards, drivers license, medical cards, pictures, dollars and the Big Skinny remains "SKINNY". By the way this is my third one!
By billy
westchester ny
super skinny bifold
November 24, 2021
i have used this wallet for 10 years never disappointed
By Mark
Great wallet!
September 29, 2021
This is my second Big Skinny wallet. I loved my first one but one design flaw was that cards could slip out, however the design of this wallet makes that almost impossible! You still have the benefit of a very thin but fully loaded wallet and your cards stay secure. Great product!
By Neil
Best wallet ever.
September 10, 2021
Got one each for my wife, and two middle-aged sons. My personal experience with this wallet years ago is exemplary. Credit card lumpyness virtually disappears, the thing wears like iron...I may never need a replacement. If I do, I'll be back here for sure.
By Anonymous
N. Myrtle Beach SC
Excellent wallet
September 6, 2021
Second wallet fro this company. Only wallet I’ll carry.
By Carol
South Dakota
June 7, 2021
Love the product and great customer service
By John R.
Merritt Island Florida
Best Wallet there is
April 25, 2021
This is a replacement for the Big Skinny wallet I bought over ten years ago. They best wallet ever.
By Tbone 8.
Salt Lake City, Utah
March 2, 2021
I had the original version of this model, probably 6 or 7 years old. The original wallet was great, stitching and everything still intact after all this time. Just decided to freshen up after all the butt sweat, drops in toilet, etc. I like the addition of the extra stretchy pocket, even easier to get out frequently used cards.
By Gary
Tampa, FL
Slim Perfection
January 31, 2021
This wallet replaced the same one I've been using for the last 7 years. It's durable, thin and holds all the cards I choose to carry.
By William
Skinny and curved
December 26, 2020
This is my second Big Skinny. The first lasted several years. This one offers an even thinner shape since it allows for two stacks of cards per side. An unexpected bonus is the ability to bend in the middle so that it curves around your butt. It's noticeably more comfortable to sit on.
NY Upstate
Super Stretch Wallet
December 23, 2020
A lot nicer than the first Big Skinny wallet I bought. The super stretch has a dedicated spot for 1 or 2 very commonly used cards that stretches to hold them in tightly versus the first wallet that had just 2 compartments that you could put a lot of cards in but they slid out easily. This wallet does seem to hold the rest of my cards a little more securely such that they do not slide out This wallet doesn't have as big a spot for bills so you have to work a little to get them in straight or it would have gotten 5 stars. The previous wallet did have a bigger space for bills. They should combine the good features all into one in my opinion.
ProsVery nice stretchy compartment that holds your commonly used 1 or 2 cards very securely.
ConsBill space is just slightly to small. Needs to be just 1/2 to 1 inch longer.
By Michael
Pembroke Mass
Always Awesome
November 30, 2020
Thank You I have had this wallet for many years and the old one is still in great shape I just got it grease on it cleaned up ok but left a small stain love these I do a lot of driving and it helps Thank You Be Well
By Tim
Maryland Heights, MO
Every four years
November 27, 2020
Love the design, the materials, the construction, especially the horizontal layout. Except for the stretch pocket. I've owned two of these wallets and I've needed to replace them after about four years because the stretch material in the first pocket wears out, and my cards start flopping to the floor at cash registers. One of these times I won't see it happen, and that's a spooky thing to consider. Still, the failures have happened after 4x the wallet warranty period, which to me speaks volumes about the quality of Big Skinny's products. I'm going to try a Sport wallet this time around.
ProsHorizontal design is a winner for me.
ConsStretch pocket becomes loose after four years, which is three years longer than the warranty. So this isn't really a valid complaint after all, haha. Thanks for a great wallet.
By Shelby
Payson, UT
Big Difference
November 22, 2020
It worked as I hoped, I hardly notice my wallet in my pocket. I will stay a customer for sure now that I tried one.
By Paul L.
Polson Mt.
Perfect wallet
November 20, 2020
excellent !Fits your pocket perfect and so thin. I have had lower back pain for years do to an injury . When driving or sitting for longer periods I always had to remove my wallet. Not any more, hardly no its back there. I purchased 3 for gifts after receiving mine as a gift last year.
By Randy S.
The best damn wallet money can buy
October 9, 2020
This is my third Big Skinny wallet in 20 years. My first one, basic trucker wallet with a chain was great when I was on the bike. Still have it, still use it. My second was the first edition of the super skinny. Had in in my pocket for over 8 years. Time for a new one! This edition is absolutely great! I love the stretch pocket! Makes keeping cards used a lot super accessible. I’m sure I’ll get another 8 years out of this one too!
ProsEasy to use. Consolidates a fat wallet into a thin wallet. Doesn?t slip out of a pocket. Takes a beating and still looks good. Can be easily cleaned.
By Dan R.
Best wallet ever
October 8, 2020
This is my second wallet from Big Skinny. I bought my first one at the Covered Bridge Festival in Indiana two years ago. I loved it from the moment I bought it. Started to wear out, and had to get a second one. I tend to carry too many cards in my wallet. With the Big Skinny, you'd never know.
ProsLong lasting Holds a ton of IDs
Consnot available everywhere
By Todd
Washington, DC
Skinny & Durable
July 17, 2020
For years I would casually browse wallets when I saw them for sale and be disappointed that none were skinny. Once I bought a wallet that looked like it would be skinny, only to find it became thick after I inserted my cards due to the way the pockets were configured. Then in July 2013 it dawned on me: "maybe the internet!?" I googled "skinny wallet" or something like that and minutes later I had an order in for the 2013 version of this wallet. Now I'm not the type of person to swap out wallets for fashion purposes, so I've used this wallet for every day I put pants on over the last 7 years, which is a lot. That said, it has held up really well. There is some visible wear, which could maybe present a functional problem in a few years, but that was just an excuse for me to buy a new charcoal wallet to replace my old black wallet since I now wear more gray and navy blue than black. My first impression based on my indoor lighting is that it appears darker in-person than in the product page picture, but it is for sure charcoal with a slightly lighter colored stitching that pops nicely in an understated kind of way. The one problem I did have with the 2013 version was that cards would sometimes slide partially out of the end pocket; this has been addressed by using an elastic band to create that end pocket in the current version.
Prosskinny durable holds stuff
Cons[ This space intentionally left blank ]
By Barry
Bethesda, Maryland
Thinnest Wallet Ever!
May 18, 2020
This is my second wallet purchased. Due to it’s unique design, it reduces your normal wallet thickness by half or more. Plus it’s extremely light but quite rugged and long lasting. Try one; you’ll never go back. I highly recommend it!
By Jeff T.
Love this wallet!
April 22, 2020
We finally had to replace my husband's wallet after about 12 years of everyday use. Extremely high quality and very comfortable for him to use.
By Scott
Ann Arbor
Love These Wallets - Bummed No Blue
March 22, 2020
I’ve had 4 or 5 of these over the years. They don’t wear out, but they can fade a bit over the years, so I’ve replaced them. I’ve given two as gifts. I’m bummed blue isn’t offered any more. ☹️ Looks like it’s back to brown for me.
ProsDurable Fits a TON of cards!! Thin Lasted longer than my marriage!
ConsColor fades after 5 years or so of use The liner inside the bill pocket is deteriorating after 4 years, maybe because I washed it with laundry.
By Mattio
Wood river ill
I'm still using th one I bought over 10 years ago
January 12, 2020
I found my big skinny at a truck stop in the discount bin. I bought 2 of them as cheap giveaway wallets,in case of being robbed, which I had happen several times while truck driving. I stopped driving in 2010, so I know I've used this one for at least 10 years. Best wallet I've ever owned. Very durable looks well worn but even the overstuffed pockets haven't stretched or ripped. Someone saw my wallet the other day and commented on my " velcro wallet" and I quickly corrected them which prompted me to look up BIG SKINNY. I thought about buying a new one but this one is doing fine. Maybe get another decade out of it...lol. totally recommend it Trid to download pics but wouldn't take them...
ProsThin, light weight, been thru the wash several times in the last 10 years with no problems.
ConsDont come in purple.
By Jody B.
Great Falls, Mt
Awesome Product!!!
October 30, 2019
Love this wallet. I have used this same wallet for years. It's my 3rd one over 15 years. I would never buy anything different.
By Douglas
October 18, 2019
I have a strong dislike for a thick wallet which I find uncomfortable to sit on. This wallet is a bit larger than conventional wallets but fits easily into a pocket and is incredibly thin. Very pleased with it.
Pros-Skinny -Light -Holds lots of cards -Hardly know I'm carrying it
By Dennis
Ca?on City , Colorado
Awesome wallet
October 5, 2019
I cut the size of my wallet by a minimum of 2/3 and don’t even know I have it in my back pocket. Very nice not too have pain in the hip area while driving. Well constructed and designed. Love this wallet!!!
By Rowland
Ithaca, NY
great replacement for my previous Big Skinny Wallet
July 13, 2019
I had a leather Big Skinny Bifold Wallet that I used for over 5 years and was beginning to show wear. I liked the style and thought I would try the super stretch version. Very pleased. The stretch allows for easier removal of cards and because the material is a little thinner than the leather, the wallet itself is a little lighter and thinner.
By Firechief019
Great concept, poor workmanship
May 15, 2019
I've been using the Big Skinny wallets for 10+ years. The concept is great, but when I got this wallet and loaded my stuff in it, I found that the glue they used got all over my credit cards, licenses and anything else in the pockets. They need to tighten up on their glue dispenser.
Merchant Response:Hi Firechief019, Oh no! Sounds like you got a lemon! We'll have a replacement sent out to you immediately!
By Lewis
NW Florida
Good wallet just not for me
May 1, 2019
I have been using the Hipster and thought I'd try the Super Stretch. The Hipster will hold 18+ cards but the Super Stretch cannot thought it is described as holding 35. The Super Stretch will not hold as many cards as the Hipster. I am having to pay return shipping.
Merchant Response:Dear Lewis, Thank you for your feedback. Our customers generally fit 8-10 plastic cards in each pocket of the Super Stretch, perhaps the pockets were sewn too tightly on this particular unit. At your earliest convenience, please contact our customer service team at service@bigskinny.com or 617.500.6939 and they'll be happy to arrange an exchange for you. Thank you again for your review! BigSkinny
By Nick
New York, NY
Not what I expected, but better than what I was looking for
March 14, 2019
When I ordered this, I thought that I was ordering the "Multi-pocket bi-fold" wallet, a smaller size than this. That was the one I had before this, and I loved it. It served me well for 5 or 6 years. However, when I opened the package and saw that this one was much bigger, I got worried that I would have to send it back because it was too big. However, after migrating my cards over from my old wallet, I've decided not to send it back. Though it is large in frame, it is thin and bends down the middle, so even in my tightest pockets it fits well without bulging out of my pocket. I do not put wallets in my back pocket since they're easier to steal from there and can mess with your hips by raising one side up above the other.
ProsEven thinner than the last one I had, which was already extremely thin.
ConsLarge frame may not fit in some side pockets
By Robert B.
Democratik Peoples Republik of Massachusetts
Almost perfect
March 5, 2019
Wish it came in red.
ProsWell built, quality item, lives up to its claim.
ConsNot available in red. Thick Big Skinny logo sewed to thin wallet. This was a bad idea and why I gave only 4 stars. [...]
By Peter
Sydney, New South Wales
As advertised! Skinny Wallets Hold Many Cards!
February 26, 2019
Yes, I am raving fan of this particular wallet. I order a few to try, but the Super Stretch is superior in my opinion because the cards are inserted horizontally vs vertically. This generally keeps cards from falling out when the wallet is out of your pocket. My current Super Stretch is about 3 years old, its faired quite a bit of a beating and still goes on. Thought I would share as I shop to try the Hipster, looks like a similar wallet but orientation a bit different. Anyways, well worth it, and it really is a HEAP flatter than my past wallets. Also, I am an International Buyer from way down under in Australia. Ships well and came in timely manner to Sydney!
ProsSkinny... holds plenty of cards, flat... lighter than leather
Consafter 3 years, at bit of wear, some fraying at edges, the super stretch has a memory that requires me to add an extra card to keep its shape after 3 years (its stretched out a bit).
By michael f.
tacoma washinton
super great product
February 6, 2019
Injust purchased my 2nd big skinny. The first one lasted 6years! i reccomend it to all my guy friends. Really great product guys..keep it up. Michael - tacoma wa
ProsQuality materials and wookmanship.
Tucson, Az
Great Wallet
January 23, 2019
I love this wallet. I get everything in it that I need and it is not a big bulge in my back pocket.
By Nick
Durant, OK
December 19, 2018
I've been buying Big Skinny wallets for many years now, and this is by FAR the BEST wallet I've ever bought (from them or anywhere else). Even after having it over a month now, I still find myself checking my back pocket during the day, to ensure that I took it with me that morning. HIGHEST PRAISE! BEST WALLET EVER!
By Alexander F.
Awesome wallet! Genius! Shake shake shake
December 11, 2018
Wow what a difference! This wallet rocks!!!
By Juan
San Sebastian, PR
Love my super skinny wallet
December 6, 2018
I've had my BigSkinny wallet for 5 years now, and it is still going strong. I just bought another for my father in law to replace his fat wallet that he's been complaining about. I have 8 cards, one knife that's a little thicker than a credit card, my passport card and driver's license, and the thing is still super slim. If anything ever happens to mine, I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
By Jim
Marlborough, Ma
Great, but has an issue
August 29, 2018
This is my third Big Skinny...Similar to the leather version of this product, the pocket with the clear window becomes loose, allowing cards to fall out when opening wallet. Stuffing more cards in the pocket helps in the short term, but stretches even more over time. Suggest the opening be replaced with a thin elastic band to maintain tension. Otherwise, a great product.
Merchant Response:Dear Jim, Thank you for your feedback! We will forward along to our design team. Have a great day! BigSkinny
By None` T.
El Dorado, CA
Best thing since sliced bread!
August 24, 2018
I purchased this wallet for my husband, per doctor recommendation...(My husband was having some pain in his left hip due to a TOO FAT wallet). He has been able to get just as many important items into his Big Skinny, and money too. He said it's like not having any wallet at all; he forgets that it is even in his pocket. My husband loves this wallet and would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a slimmer look and feel to their back pocket. Thank you for creating such an ingenious item!
By Joe
Boulder, CO
holds lots of cards - as advertised
August 6, 2018
Solid construction. I have 31 cards in the 4 pockets.
ProsCards are held securely.
ConsIt's harder to get the cards out of a particular pocket. I still miss my old Big Skinny wallet that let me access cards from the top, rather than the side. However, that model appears to have been discontinued.
By Paul
Westford, Massachusetts
Fantastic wallet
June 20, 2018
When I finally needed to replace my first Big Skinny wallet after using it for 9 years, I noticed this newer model and gave it a try. It's fantastic...even thinner than my first, and it has a slight natural bending point in the center that makes it even more comfortable in a back pocket.
ProsReally skinny, even when heavily loaded up with credit cards.
ConsNone so far.
By Lanny
NW Ohio
Great super skinny bifold
June 13, 2018
It is prety close to perfict but could cost less.
By Jerry
100% Satisfied!
May 6, 2018
Hard to believe a wallet could be fun to tell people about — especially without having a lot of money in it 😂 — but it is! Took the family out for dinner and when the saw my wallet they were amazed! They took their wallets out and we’re stunned at how thick theirs were compared to mine. We all had the same amount of credit cards etc... yet mine was flat as if it had nothing in it! They acted as if I’d found a rare object never before seen on earth! I guess I have. I will never go back to the the other kind wallet again.
ProsFits everything I need and I can still put more in it if I have to and it still will be a very thin wallet!

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